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    I am going to get a brand new suit tomorrow and need some advice. I have been reading a lot of stuff on the Internet and in books about the law enforcement interview. some of the stuff says to wear a gray suit the rest says to get a navy blue suit. can you tell my which one is the best to get? should i get plain white shirt ? what about the tie? Would it be a bad idea to get a clip on tie? if so why? does it matter how many buttons it has ? what about the style ?

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    Max.....The best buy (if you're only gonna own one suit) is a dark navy blue suit. It is the most professional look and it canbe worn to weddings and such as well. I would go with a white/light colored solid shirt or a similar shirt with a very simple pin stripe. A clip on is not acceptable; they do not look professional at all. My advice is go to the suit store and tell them what the suit is for and they will find you a suit, shirt and tie that all go together and fit the occassion. They will also teach you how to tie the tie if needed or you can check out this site....http://www.tie-a-tie.net/.....oh and I would go with a two-buttoned single breasted suit....very classic. A three button looks great too, a lil more modern but can make you look a lil stocky if you're not very tall.

    These are my thoughts but you wouldn't be wrong choosing a grey suit just stay away from black....or bright red for that matter. Just remember these two words.....simple and professional.

    Good luck
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      Lime Green or Mustard Yellow with the big fat collars.....You'd be pimpin
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        Hey, if you are in SoCal go over to 3 day suit broker this weekend and buy a suit. They are much cheaper. The people that work at suit stores are quite knowledgeble about suits so just walk in, tell them your going for a police interview and want something very conservative and let them dress you. They will make you look better than you could do yourself.

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