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Tattoos in State Police


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  • Tattoos in State Police

    Anyone know of any rules about visible tattoos in state police?

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    Don't know about PSP, but NJSP does not allow tattoos that are visible when in uniform. NJSP wears long sleeves year round so unless you have one on your hands or face you should be OK.


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      If you were at the fitness teat last Tues., I saw a cadet at the academy with a a couple of tatoos on his forearm, so I don't think you will have a problem. I took the polygraph yesterday in Bethlehem, and just sitting and waiting. How are you coming along?
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        I am registered for the written test on July 8th. I'm very confident that I'll get through the written, oral and physical tests with no problem.

        Background should be clear I had one f up when I was 21, disorderly conduct summary offense that was expunged, so hopefully that will be cool. The polygraph im nervous about just because ive never had one before .

        Any advice for the road ahead?


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          Good luck on the written, oral and remaining tests. This is a long process (approx 9-10 months), but if you stick with it, you will be fine. There are large lapses of time between each phase, so staying motivated will be your biggest obstacle. For the written, they will provide you with a study guide. Set aside an hour or so each night and study it thoroughly.

          For the oral, wear a business suit, which of course I'm sure you know. From the time you walk in to the time you are finished, they will be watching you, your bearing and demeanor. Look the interviewers in the eye, firm handshake, and always sir/ma'am. I feel an oral is more than just answering questions, but also gives them a chance to assess your character and other traits. If you wear earings, I suggest you leave them at home. Beard or facial hair, shave it off. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but every bit helps.

          Once you pass the oral, you will be sent a letter and a packet with your questionare, when to report for the fitness test, and other instructions. You will also have to get clearance from your doctor to take the fitness test and have him/her sign a form provided in the packet. Start gathering all of your papers now, such as diploma, college transcripts, etc. so you don't have to scramble around at the last minute like I did trying to find all of this stuff, lol!

          Fitness test- you will be running a 300 yd dash as fast as you can (67 sec), 30 sit-ups in 1 min, 13 pushups, a vertical jump, and a mile and a half run in under 17:00. Looks easy, but when we ran the test, it was hot as hell out there at the Gap. Don't underestimate this test by any means. If you are in good shape, start doing sprint work one or two times a week to build up your anerobic threshold, and running more than the mile and a half three to four times a week. Do some intervals on your long runs and get those lungs working. When you take the fitness tests, don't just do enough to get by, but give 110%, which I'm sure you will. That will impress them. In fact, don't just train for the fitness test, but for the academy as well, because those hills on the PSP academy grounds look like they will be a B%$ch if you aren't in shape beforehand. One trooper told us there will be plenty of hill runs, especially the one that leads from the grounds entrance to the main building.

          The day of the fitness test you will be filling out paperwork in the morning, then heading out to the Gap in the afternoon. Don't be late, and preferably show up an hour early. They would rather you be early than "on time". This also applies to other phases of the process as well.

          The minute you arrive, you will be treated as though you are in your first day in the academy, so be prepared to take orders, follow detailed instructions, fall into formation and march, and say yes sir/ma'am. Don't do ANYTHING until you are told to do so. One thing I want to stress is *stay hydrated* and preferably drink nothing but water a day or two before the fitness portion, and bring water with you.

          The next phase, which I just completed is the polygraph. Just be honset and don't try to hide anything. Nervousness is normal when taking a poly. Be sure to include your summary offense in your questionare and in the polygraph screening booklet. Don't BS these people, because this is what they do for a living, and they will find things out eventually. The remaining phases, if you are successful in the poly are the background, medical, and psych.

          I don't know what the outcome will be for me as far as the rest of the phase goes, Pahopeful, so I have my fingers crossed until then. Whether I work for this department or another, I look forward to it. Good luck, and if you have any other concerns, please let me know.

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          "Life should be a mission and adventure, not just a mere existence"


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            Thanks very much for all the information you provided.

            Good luck to you also, for the remaining tests!


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