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    Hello All,

    I'm a new member and I've been really impressed while trying to catch up with all the latest posts. I spotted this site while trying to gain more information on becoming a Sheriff's Deputy.

    I'm really convinced that I will eventually become a deputy, of course I'd like to do this sooner than later. I have all the information on local police academies and know they take about 6 months.

    I ran into a snag in the application process...I know...here's another one.

    The recuitment period for HSCO is coming up and I was told if I didn't meet the min. college credit requirements,(I will have 53 in Aug) I may not be hired even after I complete the academy. The reason why is they are only looking for a certain number of new recruits and this will also put them through the sponsorship program. I meet all the other requirements just fine so someone who worked in the department suggest that I might enroll in the academy and give this letter to recruiters and it may be enough since you obtain 33 credits through the academy? Do you think that they may consider me now if I've took the initiative to join the academy?

    DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR TO ANYONE? Sorry about the long post, I could really get detailed, I'll stop because I figure if this is familiar you'll know the anwser..



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    The "NEW" sheriff in town is pushing the college issue. It doesn't apply to new-recruit people also. Experienced LEO's are getting nailed on this one issue, that's what did me in. Maybe once they get a few "degree'ers" thru and wash out of FTO cause they can operate without the "degrees" in hand, they will loosen back up.
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      Got word from Academy

      My contact at the academy said it might be possible for me to enroll and then get accepted for this recruitment period because it would then make me a "degree'r".

      What did you mean it doesn't apply to new-recruits? Do you mean it does apply?

      "It doesn't apply to new-recruit people also"

      Were you in HSCO and they let you go because you didn't have an AA?

      Thanks for the help!


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        My info (from recruiting) is that Gee will not relax the college requirement while he is in office as he wants to raise the SO's educational requirement. Good luck!
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          Are you talking about the "Sponsored Academy" that HCSO now has posted on their website ?
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            Yes, that's the sponsorship I would like to get into. I received an email stating that if I were to take 15 credits fron HCC then I could get 33 credits from the academy and maybe I could get sponsored. Sounds like a snowballs chance.

            I am only 7 credits shy of 60 college credits. So by the end of the academy I'll have enough. I'm just trying to think if I'll have the time to take a full schedule of classes, Full time academy, full time job...


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              Thanks for the info co911. I don't mind obtaining my degree, I just want to be able to know that I will have a place in the HCSO waiting for me. It's not even so much the money(would be nice!), it's really the security of knowing I will find a place immediately after graduation. I guess I shouldn't have taken some time off from my education. I can hear my mother's voice in my head now, "Are you sure you'll go back after taking a break?"

              Uh oh, I better not tell anybody that on my psyc evaluation.


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