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  • how early to apply?

    Just looking for suggestions on what sort of time frame is good for applying to LE depts? I'll be getting my degree in May of 2006, and would be looking for employment the following June. I had figured on sending open applications to agencies around 4-6 months beforehand. Do you think this is sufficient? I am familiar with the application process itself, but should I consider more time to complete this process? How early do you think is too early?

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    It really depends on the department in which you are applying to.

    One department I talked to stated they would allow me to test and then would place me on a hiring list up to a year and a half.

    The process usually takes about four to eight months, so your time frame is abour right.

    Contact the departments you plan on testing with and tell them your situation. If a department wants to hire you, they will make acceptions to get you on.

    Depatments usually coinside their testing process with academy start dates. So you may be allowed to test at a certain time and then be sent to a later academy.

    In this day and age, departments are having a tough time finding qualified applicants to fill their ranks. So if you are a good canidate, most departments will flex the numbers and schedules to get you on.

    Good luck!


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      My experiences here in MN, is that I started applying to agencies about 2-3months before my graduation from college. It helps, even if you dont get the job, to start getting some interviewing experience under your belt so that you can get and become comfortable.

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        I'm in the 4th week of a 12 week academy here and sent my first 3 application packets out last week. Today I got a call for an interview from one of those departments and they're fully aware that I still have two months of academy left. It's only an interview but I was a bit surprised that I got a response so soon especially with me having so far to go in the academy.

        I had the same questions regarding when to submit applications a short time ago and decided to go ahead with them now with the intention of following up when I graduate the academy with a letter and certificate. I thought I'd try to eliminate down time between the academy and a job. Hopefully it'll work.
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