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Have to re take my poly


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  • Have to re take my poly

    That wasn't the news I wanted to hear, but guess it can't be too bad if they want me to take it again. I was nervous as hell, first poly experience, and even though he stated nerves wouldn't effect it, I'm sure they did. Every time he would start to ask a question, I could feel myself tense up and felt like I was on a roller coaster going down a steep hill. I answered all the questions honestly, but not sure if my nerves interfered. They also had 3 questions in there that they wanted me to purposefully lie too. I guess this is to get a base line on what it looks like when you lie to better evaluate the rest of the questions. We went through the questions 3 seperate times, and after the first time he mentioned for me to think of something I did when "lie" questions came up. So I'm not sure if I wasn't reacting properly to those or what. Anyone else has similar issue with the poly? I'll be taking another one for a different agency end of the month and probably have to fly back down to Fl for a day to re do this poly.

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    It is a good sign that they want you to retake it.

    You HAVE to clear your mind and relax! Don't read into any question. The examiner is there to help you pass, not to fail you. You just have to go into it with a different mind set. Don't psych yourself out, just make it happen, and relax!

    Good luck!


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