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LE jobs in vA / NC?


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  • LE jobs in vA / NC?

    I'm thinking about moving to southern / western VA or maybe NC. What cities / counties would be likely to be hiring at any given time? In doing some research, I've found several counties that have like six deputies, or ones that require an applicant to have already passed that states certification process.

    I'm hoping to find a city / county where I can get a house out in the boonies on some land, but be able to get to work, pick up groceries, etc. within a reasonable amount of time. Seeing as how I'm from California, under an hour is reasonable to me

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    I know you said counties, but the VSP is hiring for next year's (June '06) academy. You'll have a decent chance of getting in Southwest VA if you finish high in the class. Southwest VA is a beautiful area. I grew up there. I now live in central VA.

    Semi-rural areas would include Roanoke, Blacksburg and Bristol. You could also include Martinsville in that list, even though it's more cenral VA. These cities are a bit larger and thus have larger departments. Hope that helps.

    Oh yeah, land is CHEAP down there.


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      If you want to work a bigger city, Charlotte, NC is always hiring. You can work here, and live out in the middle of nowhere if you want, as long as you're within 45 miles of the city and still in NC. www.cmpd.org
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        Any of the cities in the Hampton Roads area of VA will give you boonie living w/ under an hour's drive. Pay varies but they are all good departments.
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        For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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          In NC, Charlotte is a good choice. From what I have heard Greensboro and Raleigh also seem to be decent choices, and Winston-Salem may be worth a look.


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            i dont know what Training and Standards has done lately here in NC with out of state transfers but NC has a reputation for being very anal with regard to making people take BLET in this state. Might be worth checkin into.

            Anybody else heard anything about what the deal is with honoring out-of-state certifications lately?


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              I'm not sure about smaller depts, but if you apply with Charlotte or Greensboro, you'll go through their academy regardless while being paid. It might suck to go through it again but it's better than paying your own way through BLET. Greensboro is also hiring all the time, and you can live about as far away as you like. I live 15 miles away and still get to work in 20 mins.


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                Charlottesville city and Albemarle county are both hiring.

                City - 150 sworn, 8 hr shifts, fixed days off, no limitation on where you can live, starting pay about 31k, 14 sq mile city split into 8 districts, 42k people when the students are away.

                Albemarle County - same size dept as city, but lots of money and growing, take home cars within a mileage restriction, if you live outside you just park it at the line, rotating days off, permanent 9 hour shifts, 726 square miles, who knows how many people. about the same pay, but they are getting an 8% in july rumor has it.



                just clicky on jobs.
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