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  • Physical Requirements

    I know every department/academy has different requirements for physical fitness. The standard seems to be one and half miles in 12 minutes. I currently can do a mile and half in about 13 minutes. Just started running and training last week, 6 weeks to go. Any advice on how to get my times down and pass these tests ? I am 6'0" and weight about 215- little worried about my fitness level right now, but with hard work I know I can get there. Thanks in advance.....
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    Run, run, and run some more. Trust me, you will take that minute off real quick. Just get a routine and STICK TO IT (unlike me I haven't been able to run for 2 days).

    If you can't get out to run at least sub with SOME kind of other activity. If I can't get out to run I at least go on a walk with the family (if im stuck inside and can't go jog may as well take them on a walk )

    Keep in mind...I am no professional of any sort so you may want to get more opinions from other people who know A LOT more than me.
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      I'm no expert, but what worked for me in the academy was, i guess it's called circuit training (someone correct me if i'm wrong), where you walk 1 minute, jog 1 minute, run 1 minute, and then sprint 30sec or 1 min (30 seconds when you first start out). Do at least 4 circuits of that, just don't slack on the sprint. It personally worked for me knocked a couple minutes off my 1.5 mile time after a couple weeks of running like that. Good luck.


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        Here is what I recommend. Try to run at least 3 days a week at a medium pace for 2-3 miles. Don't kill yourself right away, because your body won't be conditioned for it. Once your lungs and legs get conditioned increase your pace and if you want too, your distance. After a couple weeks of training(unless you are really out of shape) you will notice that running 1.5 miles in 12-minutes will be easy.

        They key is sticking to a routine as mentioned earlier. You need to get out and get your heart racing and tire out your legs. There will be times when you feel like stopping or slowing down, but just keep going for as long as you can. Running is strenuous and the best runners have a high tolerance for pain.

        Basically, stick to a routine and try to run 2-3 miles each time you go out. When it comes time for the department test you will naturally run faster because of adrenaline. Also, try to find someone to run with you. Push each other to go faster. Good luck.


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          Keep in mind...when you take your PAT 1.5 run, you will naturally go a bit faster- like you, I was averaging 13:05 prior to the test..come test day I did it in 11:50...you will be naturally a bit faster in the test environment, with other runners... Best of luck
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