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What are good jobs to take before LE?


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  • What are good jobs to take before LE?

    I am currently in retail and i heard departments really like this type of experience. But i am wondering what other jobs or experiences do departments look for? Security at some mall?

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    Mall security experience is highly desirable as is being a greeter at Walmart (good PR skills), working as a guard in a porno movie house is also highly desirable. Help me here troops, what are some other desirable pre service jobs?


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      I wouldn't say that any particular job is best. Favorable jobs would be those that you have to interact with people, make decisions, work as a team, take supervision. They key is to show that you are dependable and can hold a job whether it be as a business man, or working at McDonalds. Some pointers.

      1. Don't **** off your co-workers, or you boss.
      2. Don't use a lot of sick leave.
      3. Do you job well.
      4. Do things to show that you are trying to improve at your job for example: Inservices, trainings, certs, continuing education.
      5. Try and work for promotions and leadership positions.

      Feel Free to add to this list. Number 6....


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        get a job over at Disney or one of the other parks where you have to stand their and smile while somebody is yelling at you.
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          Military experience by far.


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            ...a good job before LE...is there ever such a thing?

            I will agree that military does help some...but a good solid work HISTORY is the best.
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              I would say in ranking order

              1. Strip club DJ, you will learn public speaking and learn all about illegal drugs.

              2. Any type of customer service. You will learn to tolerate others yelling at you.

              3. Any type of sales job. You will learn that most people are full of crap, and how to take rejection.

              All of the above will greatly help you develop the skills you need to work on the street.


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                I just accepted a new job working as a full-time News Reporter for a weekly newspaper out by me.

                My thinking is this: I get to work from home and make my own schedule - so I don't have to drive to work anymore and I can use that extra time to Voulenteer and work out more, while still showing I can hold a full-time job.

                Plus I am a writer, so the Dept. knows that writing will be no problem for me.


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                  I hear they like janitors. Shows you can work with $hit, or something.


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                    I say mall security is the best for building tolerance. It has to be a crazy mall though. The one i worked at for 2 years was pretty bad.....and you get some pretty thick skin being called rent a cop all day long.


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                      I'm currently working as a paid intern at my local PD. I do livescan fingerprinting, work in community services division, am the liason between the PD and the school district, assist in the jail, and work the front desk. Would a job like this put me above somebody who just worked normal jobs or does it all break down to the same thing in the end?


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                        Good jobs

                        Here is a small sample of jobs that will prepare you for an LEO job:

                        Track Star
                        Tackling Dummy
                        NASCAR driver
                        Garbage Collector

                        Any of these will properly prepare you for the exciting world of LEO!!!


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                          Corrections....you get to deal with your future clientel....excellent place to "learn" from your future clientel. They tell you about their interactions with police (what they think the LEO's did right..did wrong). Also you get a unique opportunity to get a window into the criminal mind.
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