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    Why did you want to be a Law Enforcement Officer?

    Personally several family members are in various agencies, and is what I had planned on doing out of high school, I was sidetracked with a 10 year stint in the US Army Infantry (a great 10 years it was!), decided to get out and again, persue Law Enforcement. I'm currently starting the Application process with 3 Local LEO agencies........

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    I have been around lots of people in LE and it's always interested me along with working at some of their academy's. I do enjoy being out in and with the public,great career oppurtunities,and lots of diferent aspects to get into( K9,etc.......)
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      To carry a gun and drive fast cars (without getting a ticket!)..Just kidding...I wanted a job where I could pretty much be my own boss. From day to day I decide what I want to do. I don't have a supervisor constantly looking over my shoulder. And I make alot of decisions on my own...I love the discretion I have... Best job ever.


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        Well for one, you get to drive cool cars, motorcycles in cool uniforms, you get to use interesting tools that are barred from general citizen use. Its more than a paycheck, its an experience. Theres always somthing differnt to do, you dont have to worry about sitting in an office enviroment doing the same old thing everyday with a boss wondering if you are pulling your load. When people see you in your uniform they may come up and ask you a simple question or directions, they assume you can help them. They depend on you for safety. And what if you stop a serious life or death crime in progress? That would be awesome! Forget the news, your there! You step over the yellow tape. not to mention the numerous discounts, benifits, perks, and law abiding citizens profile you in a good way when they find out your an LEO, its a "honorable" profession, which helps if you are young,(im 21) it looks good on your job resume. People wont just assume your some reckless grown kid that may do anything. Oh and as long as we have dumb people around, its a secure (but increasingly challenging) profession.

        Hell Id pay a "membership fee" to do it if I didnt need money to survive.

        Why would anyone do anything else? (unless they just want to be rich)

        Its over. Now you can wake up.....


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