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Information on Pheonix Arizona PD.


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  • Information on Pheonix Arizona PD.


    Just interested in any information on Phoenix and Mesa police departments. I'm currently working for the NYPD with two years on, cost of living is way too expensive, low morale and way too much politics. Any info. on Az. would help.

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    Greetings From Phoenix

    I was born here in Phx, and it is a great place to live. My family is from Brooklyn, but they migrated here for the same reasons you mentioned, only 30 years earlier.

    Of the two, Phx. is considered a better dept. by most, and I would agree. I am not a LEO yet, but I plan on working for Phx. PD, they are a great agency, with over 2,900 sworn officers (which must be tiny compared to NY)

    To start with, check out their web site:


    The cost of living is very good here. The housing market is cool, and Phx. is the second biggest city in the U.S. by land mass, and the fifth biggest by population. One cool thing about Phx. is there is sooooo much land here, everyone can afford housing, and the city constantly grows.

    I have many friends who work on Phx. PD and they love it. FYI, they ride one man cars, except for once a week when they have double squad days, they will ride two man.

    Phx. PD also pays more for education and training.

    Please let me know any other ?s you may have. If I don't have the answer, I will get it for you. I think you would love AZ. It gets hot in the summer, but very low humidity and you can wear shorts and they have many uniform options, but best of all no mandatory covers.


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      Phoenix PD.

      Sounds all positive so far. Plan on testing in June. Thanks for the info.


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        I just wanted to wish you luck! Phoenix will be home forever, irregardless of where I am actually living. The Phoenix PD is a great dept, with a lot of awesome officers. My cousin has been on the force for a few years and loves it. I lived there for 30 years and always had positive experiences with Phx PD.

        Best of Luck!
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          If those are your only choices, go with phoenix. I dont know how Mesa hires any cops because I know a few people who didnt get hired by Mesa for some stupid ****. These guys are now working for other great agencies. Go for phoenix. I have never meet a phoenix cop who was unhappy.


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            Moving to Phoenix

            Thanks for the response. What about the cost of living and real estate value??


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              Originally posted by sector charlie
              Thanks for the response. What about the cost of living and real estate value??
              I've been looking around at police officer openings in different cities. I usually go to a real estate website and check out homes in a city to get an idea of housing costs. www.remax.com and www.century21.com are two that I use.


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                Originally posted by sector charlie
                Thanks for the response. What about the cost of living and real estate value??

                Hey check out my reply to softscrub about Avondale PD. This may answer some questions for you.

                It is in this forum, just replied yesterday.
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