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  • Credit

    I have been looking at LEO job postings online. In the requirements sections I have seen nothing regarding credit.

    How important is credit? If someone has very unusual circumstances in their past, will recruiters take that into consideration?


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    I'm not sure how improtant credit really is. My BI said that my credit wasn't a problem in my investigation and all of my credit referrences are in the red. Ask the investigator when you apply, I guess. Maybe someone else will have more insight than I do.
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      It depends on what you are talking about. Most departments frown heavily on things such as bankrupcy or severe debt. Whether or not it will disqualify you depends on the individual department's policies. It you have unusual circumstances, let them know but don't try to sugarcoat your credit if it is bad and it's your fault. They will figure it out and the fact that you didn't disclose it will hurt you more than the credit ever would. Also keep in mind that credit can be fixed, it just takes a lot of work.

      Bottom line: be honest when filling out the applications and to the background investigators. Of course you can figure out why they frown on bad credit, most people consider someone in heavy debt a higher risk to be less ethical. Whether or not that's true is up for argument.

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        Gibbmusic gave an insightful post, and I agree. Bankrupcy is a bad blackmark against you when you apply for LEO positions. Another thing that would probably knock you out of the running is being behind on allimony and child support payments.

        Needless to say, bouncing checks is considered a crime in nearly all the states, so a history of repeated P.B.C. is certain to bite you in the hiney.

        A person's financial history is a possible indicator of how stable and dependable an officer will be to future employers. That's why they evaluate it when you're hired. Good luck with the process.


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