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Florida Sheriff Question.


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  • Florida Sheriff Question.

    I am currently a Parole Officer in Arkansas.I have a Bachelor of Science Degree and experience. I am considering a move to Florida. What Sheriff Agencies like to hire out of State?

    My understanding is that you have to go to a community college for about 9 months to get certified and I am willing to put myself through.

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    If your out of state LE certified all you would need is a 2 week cross over academy. If your not then you would need the full academy which is 23 weeks long and offerend in almost every county in the state.

    In regards to which one you want youll just have to research what your looking for and where you want to live. Some good sheriff's agencies in Florida that i know are Collier, Orange, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Palm Beach.
    Good luck.


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      All I have is my State Parole Certification. I appreciate your help.

      How long does it take to get on at the agencies you mentioned?


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        Well you would need the full 23 week academy then in that case. Most agencies take around 6 months from start to finish....maybe less. For out of staters though im sure they could do most testing in a week or two...besides the background investigation which usually takes a month or two.

        Some agencies will run you through the entire thing in 1 month...some take a year.... It really just depends on the agency.


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          Utah you are a big help and I appreciate it. I am hearing from other posts that once you get certified that it is real hard finding a place that will take you. Has that been your experience.

          I asked in another post if having my degree would give me a edge.

          I would hate to up root, move to Florida, go to school for nine months, and then not find a job.
          Being a Parole Officer is not what I want to do the rest of my life but it beats unemployment or McDonalds.


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            Well to be honest with you, most Sheriff offices look for prior LE experience, prior military and college education. Its tough to get hired on to one without any of that.

            As far as local agencies i feel they are a little more lenient when it comes to no prior experience. They will give you a chance...and then you can stay there for a few years and then switch to a SO if thats what you want.

            I graduated the Academy in October 2001. I applied all over the state to get any job anywhere. Numerous oral boards, interviews and tests. I got rejected from a few...everyone does...i got wait listed....and then i got two job offers in the same day. I didnt start on the road until August 2002. I worked for a local agency for 2 years..and then transferred to the Sheriffs Office.

            Dont get discouraged if you get rejected. ITs a tough process and after learning how to do it...you only get better at it. There are 67 counties and hundreds of local agencies out there.


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