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Any advice or experience with this? Long...


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  • Any advice or experience with this? Long...

    Here is my situation. Any advice or has anyone been in this type of situation before?

    In October I completed 15-16 (out of 22 total) weeks of a state certified department academy as a sworn recruit, completing over 600 hours of instruction and achieving 90% or better on all state mandated courses and exams, when I tore a chest muscle during training. At that time I only had 7-8 weeks left of training with firearms being the last major block of instruction. I had already successfully taken and passed Criminal and Traffic Law, EVOC, PT, Defensive Tactics, Red Cross, etc. I was told I would be recycled and would have to complete the entire academy again once I was completely healed. My question then, quite simply, is why? I understand this may be department policy, but what about the State of Indiana's position, who actually issues the certifications?

    I ask this because in my research regarding Indiana's requirements to be certified as a police officer, no where could I find that the training had to be continuous or through one academy. Per IAC 2-2-1, "officers appointed by the state or any of its political subdivisions on or after July 6, 1972 shall within one year of the date of the officers first or original appointment successfully complete the appropriate minimum basic training course prescribed by the board."

    Now, regarding the minimum basic training course, all I could find was that it "shall consist of not less than 480 hours of classroom and practical training, and the subject matter covered shall be approved by the board." Nothing more specific as far as subject or course matter.

    So I guess my point is that I have already completed in excess of the 480 hours of instruction required by the state. Is there any reason why I could not apply for a waiver or request to test out per IAC 2-2-1 which states, "however, any such officer who has had previous law enforcement experience, including basic law enforcement training meeting or exceeding the standards enumerated in 250 IAC 2-4, may, upon proof of such previous experience and training obtain a waiver of the training mandated herein or be allowed to test out on any or all phased of the basic course"?

    From my perspective I have already completed more than the state required minimum training to be certified by the State of Indiana as a law enforcement officer. Why can my transcripts not be reviewed by the LETB, the governing body, and certification be granted once I qualify on the firearms portion or test out of any mandatory additional training they deem necessary that I have not already received?

    The state attorney for the FOP called me the next day,after reading the above email, and advised me that he called the attorney for the ILETB who confirmed that there is no legal reason why I could not still get certified. He said that at the state run academy if a recruit is injured, or cannot complete training for whatever reason, they pick up where they left off once they come back. He said the same should apply to me as the instruction I received through the department academy is state certified, and as such could be used to request certification. He said I would just need to submit my records from the dept. to the training board for review so they could confirm passing scores and training hours etc., and go from there.

    What are your thoughts? Has anyone gone through this before? Any advice?
    If need be I will go through an academy again, just for the record!

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    I think that what you are dealing with is simply good ol' fashion bureaucracy, not statutory law. I'll bet that it is just the policy of either your training academy or LE agency. During one of my previous academy classes, I had a guy in the same boat as you are, and he had to repeat the whole academy again. I however lucked out, during Desert Storm (Gulf I); I was activated and shipped off, six weeks prior to graduation.

    When I returned, I was able to get dropped into another class to complete the remaining weeks. I decided to drop into the class a few weeks earlier than I had to, simply to get paid, as I would have been unemployed while waiting for my new class to catch up. No big deal!

    By the time I switched agencies (the first time), I looked at training academies as a way to get paid to work out and stay on day shift with weekends off! If there is nothing that you can do about it, I would suggest the same. In the scheme of a 20 to 30 year career, it is barely a blip on the radar IMHO.

    Best of Luck.


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