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    Hi guys,

    I messed up in my academy class and resigned through my Police Department in the Dallas Metroplex Area.

    My concern is this: Police Academys in Texas have forms they send into the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Ethics. One of these forms is the F5-S (Seperation of Student). That form states the reasoning for Withdrawl, Dismissal, Resignation. Now I resigned from the police department (forced) so I don't know what the F5-S says. Resigned, Withdrawl, Dismissal.

    Now if the background investigator gets my packet, and notices that I write my police department down as my employer and learns that I was only attending the police academy, will they seek out that F5-S from TCLEOSE?

    To be honest with you, I know why I screwed up, but not a single person from the academy or my police department told me why they wanted me to resign... I have a general idea, but no specifics.

    Actual Question: If you are a background investigator, and the applicant tells you that he worked for another police department only as a recruit and not an officer and attended the academy. Then stated he resigned due to personal reason (friction caused with other recruits from different agencies). What will be his route of doing a background for this.
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    Well on your next packet, its gonna ask Have you ever been asked to resign from a job, or quit a job in lieu of being fired?

    If you answer truefully; which I hope you would. Then ofcourse its going to come up again.

    To be honest with ya, if you get fired from a PD, even if it is the academy, its going to be very hard to land another job... They may not wanna take a chance with ya. Ya know what I mean?

    Good luck, and tough break...


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