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Applying for Airport or Harbor police - ?'s about PQE, having multiple jobs


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  • Applying for Airport or Harbor police - ?'s about PQE, having multiple jobs

    I will be applying for Airport or Harbor Police very soon and need some advice.

    1.) Preliminary background application indicates the process may be delayed due to employment history (multiple, short duration, unrelated jobs). Since 1999, ive been in and out of 5 jobs. What are your thoughts? The jobs are as follows:

    Job 1 - Movie Theatre. Employed 1 year, quit because of poor income.
    Job 2 - Security. 9 months, quit due to scheduling conflict with my classes.
    Job 3 - Computer support. 1 year, quit due to scheduling conflict with school.
    Job 4 - Loss prevention. 11 months, position was cut due to budget.
    Job 5 - Quality Assurance tester. Temporary summer position only.

    2.) Do I list all of the jobs ive ever accepted, regardless of duration?

    For example between jobs 1 & 2, I accepted a position as security at Magic Mountain but did not complete training. I accepted another position at UPS and one week into training, Job 2 called and offered the position I wanted so I accepted it and moved to the job I wanted.

    ... also anyone familiar with a PQE? Taken by Harbor and Airport police?

    My Background:

    Age: 24 years old, going to school, currently unemployed
    Education: Currently finishing my Bachelor's in Sociology (focus in Criminology & Corrections), CPR and First Aid certs. Will be completed by June

    Crimes/Tickets 1 moving violation (turned left on a NO LEFT TURN sign).
    Drugs: Used marijuana once when I was 16 yrs old.
    Health: Exercise daily, weight lift and jog. Eat low fat foods.
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    Wow. That's a lot of jobs. Just being honest here, you are going to have a tough time getting hired with that employment record. Now if at the end of that you had "Employed at XYZ for 3 years, promoted two times," then you might have an easier time. Just make sure you are honest about why you quit, and any other info related to those jobs. Be prepared to be GRILLED about the circumstances surrounding each and everyone of those jobs. Better to be DQ'ed till you get some professional work experiience than permanately DQ'ed because you lied about something.

    As far as the jobs that you only went to "training." If you were paid or filled out paperwork, you need to put those. It won't look favorably upon you either. They will find out about them and if you lie, bye bye LE career.

    Now my .02. Finish college. Get a "Real Job." Make some contacts from co-workers and supervisors that could be future references, and try and apply again in a few years. This would show that you have matured (not saying you aren't already, but in their eyes, 7 jobs in 7 years shows you haven't). Even then, you may still have a tough time. Keep applying, see what happens, and keep eating those low fat foods. Good Luck.
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      I appreciate the reply and the advice. I will list everything and see how far I go in the process.

      Are there any particular professional jobs that LE agencies look favorably upon when observing employment history?


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        I wouldn't say that any particular job is best. Favorable jobs would be those that you have to interact with people, make decisions, work as a team, take supervision. They key is to show that you are dependable and can hold a job whether it be as a business man, or working at McDonalds. Some pointers if you decide to go the "Real Job" route.

        1. Don't **** off your co-workers, or you boss.
        2. Don't use a lot of sick leave.
        3. Do you job well.
        4. Do things to show that you are trying to improve at your job for example: Inservices, trainings, certs, continuing education.
        5. Try and work for promotions and leadership positions.

        Feel Free to add to this list. Number 6....


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