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would you give your mother a ticket?


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  • would you give your mother a ticket?

    I am looking for input on the famous oral board question "what would you do if you caught your mother speeding". I have thought about similar questions like politicicians/other officers and my answer is that I would treat them the same. If they were speeding at a rate where I would normally give a ticket I would, or if not, I would give a warning. But if I then said I wouldnt give my mother a ticket would that look like I wasnt being fair??
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    First, there is no rule that says you must cite or arrest everyone who commits a traffic violation. There is such a thing as officer discretion. Saying that you would always cite everyone can create the impression that that you are heartless, inflexible and perhaps not ready for police work.

    No one expects you to cite your mother and you are not going to fail an oral board for saying you wouldn't give her a ticket . The oral panel may get on you, but it's only to see if you can defend your position or be bullied into flip floping.
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      Hell yeah Id write her up... The law is the law... Same goes for the police too...

      HA, Im just playin... Shed definatly get the 3rd degree and long lecture, but no ticket...

      The purpose of the oral board to to get a feel what what type of person you are. There isnt really a right or wrong answer to any of there questions. Just think about your answer in your head 1st, then stick to it... They are gonna 2nd guess the **** out of you, and try to get you to back out on your 1st decision.

      Good luck


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        My opinion is that it is a "bait question" that differs from the politician and other officer. I think it is a small attempt to see how you explain yourself in something of a "no win situation". Would you take the LE job to such an extreme that you would actually write your own mother or would you really not write her, but just attempt to deceive them that you would?

        Quite honestly, I never worked with any cop that actually WOULD write his/her own mother (or any other LEO's mother for that matter). IMHO, anyone (for whatever reason) that stated that they would write their own mom, would have A LOT more explaining to do in front of any oral board.

        I would take it as an opportunity to show the board your humanity (and maybe a little humor), by stating that you would be too "afraid" to write her for fear of punishment when you got home, or if she took the ticket to court she would embarrass you by testifying that she used to "wipe your butt when you were young" etc.

        Just my $.02, best of luck.


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          No, I wouldn't. And I'll bet dollars that no one on that board would, and I'll go one further: They wouldn't expect you to, either.

          The board is looking to see if you're just giving the answers they want to hear...... without using common sense, first. A better answer might be: "I'd give her a talking to for putting me on the spot," or something along those lines. Be realistic. Would you honestly give your own mother a ticket?
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            yea i would. i dont care if u r my mom, dad, mayor, pope, president. your breakin the law and u get a ticket. no i would just let them off with a warning.

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              but what do you do..oral board wise we know what we would do, do they want to hear the truth or the super trooper line. i wouldnt know what to say...
              also if you saw your partner stealing something what should i say i contact his supervisor or arrest him?


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                You tell the truith (No, I wouldn't cite her) and then be prepared to defend your decision. As said before, this is a no win question. No matter what answer you give, the board will challenge you.
                Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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                  I think the board would expect you to say no. I think its sort of a trick question cause cause they dont expect anyone to ticket their mom. If you say yes they will probably think you are lying. The are mostly looking for you to tell the truth.
                  I'm sorry, Bruce. These boys get that syrup in 'em, they get all antsy in their pantsy.


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                    Originally posted by skatr5435
                    yea i would. i dont care if u r my mom, dad, mayor, pope, president. your breakin the law and u get a ticket. no i would just let them off with a warning.
                    Sure you would, supercop...........


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                      As for the mother thing obviously say no. Anyone who actually says yes has no morals and shouldnt be a cop. They know this and they want to see it. And if you say yes your lying.

                      The partner stealing question is tough. Most agencies want to see that your a team player and not a rat. What i always said was i would talk to them first about it and tell them to quit it. If they refused to listen i would be forced to talk to a supervisor about it. Always seemed to be an ok answer. Saying you would go directly to a supervisor even though it seems right, shows your not a team player.

                      As for what i would do now actually being on the road....to me a cop that steals is no better then the criminal, i wouldnt run to my sgt but i would lose all respect for that person and not want to be near him anymore.


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                        A more likely question at an oral board is "You stop (insert high-ranking politician here) for erratic operation, and he/she is drunk. What do you do?"

                        That's a lot more tricky, since no reasonable person expects someone to cite their mother.
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                          Thanks for all the responses...
                          I have my oral on Thurs and am just trying to prepare for some tough questions...
                          ...As for my partner stealing I would have him put it back and then go to the Supervisor. With cameras everywhere I am not about to let som A-hole officer take me down with him. Im working hard to get this job and I wouldnt even take a chance of losing for someone else. Also, that question is a question of Your integrity. And as for being a rat...the Officer who steals does it to himself...not me...If the sgt. doesnt want to do anything, fine, but ive done my part...


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                            Would you cite your wife?

                            I was asked if I would cite my wife recently, and answered with such an unusual answer that the chief ended the interview and hired me on the spot. (It was for a part time non-competitive job, but what the hell).
                            I said that I would not cite her for several reasons. First, I'd end up paying the citation to save her *** from going to jail because knowing her she'd flat out refuse to pay. Second, I'd be the one paying the insurance increase because she's on my car insurance. Finally, I would not because I'd have to deal with her **** for years to come.
                            It worked for me.


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                              but see if your partner is inedeed breaking the law how can you be the police if you cant police yourself i wil explain that i would inform of his actions and inform his supervisor because if you thief once you will do it again maybe larger, money from a bust anything... now my mom i will say no sir because she would ground me, and i dont think the dept get that many vacation days


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