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    I Have Been In Lawenforcement For 24 Years Now.has Anyone Been To Iraq With Mpri ,if So Is It A Good Company To Work For.and What To Expect In Training Before Leaving The States.and What To Expect When Arrival On The Oversees Job.thank For The Info .and Can You Help Me Find A Forum Of People That Might Be There Working .the Money Sounds Good But That Is Not Everything. Thanks For Any Info And Stay Safe.

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    Do you have a link to thier site? I myslef am looking to go overseas in the summer/fall.

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      I am not sure where the security jobs for KBR (Haliburton) are, but in Uzbekistan, the KBR firefighters were making $80K tax free to start out. There was no security contractors there as the AF and ARMY took care of that. We didn't exactly pull in $80K though.


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        One of the Officers I used to work with went to Kosovo as an International police officer for two years. I saw him three months ago and he told me he is going to Iraq with dyncorp. This Officer is retired and didn't seem too worried going to Iraq.

        I am sure he has a pretty good understanding on what Iraq is like because he has been doing international policing for two years and has talked to people that have been in Iraq.


        This is a good web site. I have seriously thought about international policing but I am in the middle of my career.

        The problem my friend had in Kosovo is that some of the countries that were policing over there did not stand their ground like the U.S. cops did. They were intimidated by the public.

        Good luck
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          Overseas Job

          I am also a 24 year retired LEO. I have been recently employed by MPRI as a police instructor in Iraq. I am scheduled to leave for Washington D.C. April 10 and then leave for Iraq on the 13th for deployment. It sounds like its going to be a Spartan's life over there with little if any luxuries of home. However, none of us ever entered law enforcement as a career to become wealthy and certainly not for the glory. I am looking forward to it but I would be lying if I said I was not a little nervous. Concerning your questions, contact Marvin Hewitt. He's with the U.S. DOJ and operates the DOJ ICITAP program. As far as MPRI being a good company to work for my contacts with their guy, Chris Thomas has been good. You might want to check out MPRI website or L-3 Communication website. MPRI is a subsidary of L-3 Communications. There is a significant difference between MPRI assignment and others. MPRI is employing LE instructors not police officers. You will not be assigned escorts, security details or mentoring officers in the field. All they want is instructors.
          I hope this helps and maybe we'll get a chance to hook in Iraq.


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            I'm not familiar with MPRI, but I am "slightly" familiar with other contract operations overseas. Here is a few hints and tips that I have learned as far as operating in IRAQ
            1. prepare your personal effects. bills,credit cards, car payments, etc... you don't want to be in a WAR ZONE worrying about your car getting re-po'ed!
            2. Legal: get a will and a health proxy/living will... let's get serious you are going to a WAR ZONE. prepare your family for the idea that they might need those documents.
            3. Check with your employer to make sure you have a health insurance coverage that will cover an emergency evacuation from a WAR ZONE. See if you will be covered under any of the "client" insurance too.
            4. IRAQ IS A WAR ZONE!! don't let anyone sugar coat it. You may be put up in a hotel or residential compound with normal accoutrements. You might also be living in a tent with no electrictiy or running water and a hole in the sand for a ****ter!! Even with nice accomodations you will be living in a hostile environment from the second you step off the plane.
            5. did I say WAR ZONE enough... if you are not mentally and pysically prepared for it, DON'T GO. There is no "safe zone" in the entire dang country... the "green zone" refers to what you see lying face down in the grass (whats left of it) to avoid bomb and mortar frag... You need to make damn sure you are in the mindset to be able to fight for your life every second of every day you will be in country.

            Good Luck, Godspeed your safe journey and return home...


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              Originally posted by That Guy
              Do you have a link to thier site? I myslef am looking to go overseas in the summer/fall.
              i went to google and serch mpri you can register and get in their database good luck keep in touch.


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