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  • Dallas Area Jobs / Background

    Hello, I'm a soon to be graduation from college, looking for a job in law enforcment. I'm looking in the Dallas area, mainly because they pay better. I do have a few questions on my background that may seem unrelated but in a strange way are.

    First issue of concern is military service. While I was an ROTC cadet I participated in the SMP program. You serve in the reserves (as well as ROTC), but do not go to basic or AIT. (the idea is to get experience in the real army before you commssion). Anyways, long story short is that I was disenrolled from ROTC, however, apparently I was expected to enlist in the reserves because of my SMP contract. However, I was offered an uncharacterized discharge. I won't get a DD-214 because I have NO active duty time.

    The second issue of concern is my credit. After loosing my ROTC contract, I lost over $550 a month in income. Which is a lot for anyone, but espically when it's 60% of your income. Well I still have bills to pay. Some of which are behind. I have tried (with little success) to contact the companies to arragine an alternative.

    The question I have, is how much of an issue do you all think these will be? Also any recomendations on departments in the Metroplex would also be helpful.

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    don't know about the backround check but,
    I hear the Federal reserve is looking to fill some law enforcement jobs.
    go to www.dallasfed.org and look at the top right hand corner for employment. Good luck.


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      How about Dallas PD? It's been many years since I worked there, so I can't provide any recent info. The experience that I got in 5 years working in South Dallas, is equal to a career in most cities.

      As for your background, call a recruiter, be brutally honest and see what they recommend.

      Best of luck,


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