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Very unusual call from Civil Service today


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  • Very unusual call from Civil Service today

    The civil service commission from an area I tested in called me today and asked me if I would be able to come for an interview with them and the police department for a police officer position. I of course said yes, but I have a question:

    Most departments in this area (any one I've ever tested with) do interviews LAST. Physical agility, background inv, psych, polygraph, etc. all come before the interview. I've done all those other things before, but never an interview. What should I bring with me? Resume? Certifications? IDK

    Also, do you know why the interview would be the first step?

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    I think it just depends on what they think is the most logical process. Maybe they put more weight on the interview than other agencies, so they do that first to weed out people whom don't seem to be likely candidates. An interview doesn't cost them anything, some of the others do. From the testing process I'm going through right now. It looks like most departments do the physical and written (if there is one) first. Then you do oral board and the rest follows. Then again, I'm applying as an out of state person for all the agencies I'm appliying too. With one agency I'll do the entire process in a week, the others it looks like they will split the process in (2) 1 week trips.

    I'd also like to hear from others if you should bring anything with you during interviews.


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      Well I know that the Federal system the interviews always come first. dept of the army, DoD, all of them. just for CYA, bring your i love me book with all your awards, certifications, etc. so you can show the interviewer things that you've done if they ask. I've been asked a couple times about things I've done and I could then hand the interviewer a certificate of merit or whatever then explain what it was for. So far, its apparently been the right thing to do because I always do well in interviews to move onto the next step
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        what department?

        I didnt even get my results back.


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          you can call them say tomorrow and talk to a receptionist or administrative assistant and ask without giving too much of who you are what they might want for the interview. Usually its not a resume thing unless you have been given the background forms. usually they are given after an interview if you do well enough. that doesnt really show a lack of prepardness just dont ask her too many stoopid questions. Usually for an interview its you dressed up in suit and tie, and a board of them. Maybe 3-4 and they grill you on either scenarios or 'they have some questions' and you have to answer. DONT LATE and BE CLEAN SHAVEN. Unless EMT you are a female then just some minor makeup
          Good luck.
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