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  • PAT tomorrow

    I'm scheduled for my physical agility test tomorrow. I took a few people's advice from the previous post about getting over fences and went to a local school today to practice. I didn't have too much of a problem once I figured out the best way to get over...turned out to be the one leg over first. Unfortunately I'm not as buff as some of you men out there. I have to wear the vest and belt on the test tomorrow so hopefully that doesn't throw a major wrench into the works. Like I need an additional 15 pounds weighing me down. Good luck to me! I need all the luck I can get.

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    Yeah good luck. If you been reading these posts for awhile you may get the sense that Police work sux, well it isnt at the top of its game right now, right after 9-11 we cou;ldnt do anything wrong. BUT as all things change cops are back to the bottom. It still is the Greatest Job in the world.
    When you pass it only gets harder, so take advice ffrom this cop whos alittle overweight, YEAH YEAH YEAH just alittle. Keepup the running and basic training, pushups, weight training, treadmill if its cold out. Sit ups and stretching.
    "I pay your salary" Yeah So, Can I get a freakin raise???

    It takes a village, this he knows is true


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