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Rejected by MDPD and MPD


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  • Rejected by MDPD and MPD

    Well, ever since graduating high school, I wanted to be a LEO. Decided to try it three years removed from high school in 1999. I was disqualified by MDPD for admitting in the polygraph that I had bought some things knowing they were stolen (wheels for my car when I was 16) and that i tried Marijuana 3 times (the last being in 96). They also didnt like that i falsified financial aid papers to afford to go to college.

    Well they flagged me and I came to find out no matter how many more times I apply, I will NEVER be MDPD.

    So i tried MPD, they cross referenced me with MDPD and I was disqualified before taking the physical.

    Is there anything i can do to sill have a chance? I tried the appeals process but that was also denied...

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    Ok what two departments are MPD and MDPD???
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      I am assuming, from his sn (305MIA) that he is refferencing Miami Dade Police Dept and Mia (city) Police Dept. Both are pretty large (and thus selective) depts. I would suggest looking at some other depts. Mia Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County have prob 100 diff police dept within them. Also, if you are not already certified, do it now on your own. That will make you MUCH more marketable. You may have to work at a really small agency first, but then you can establish yourself as a viable leo, and perhaps move to mdpd/mpd after you get a little experience. But, as of now, they obviously are not accepting you, so try something else.

      In addition, if you havent already done so, earn an AA, or even a BA if you are so inclined. You have to do something to separate yourself from the crowd. Right now you are an uncertified, highschool educated guy driving around on stolen rims. I am not trying to be rude/harsh, but I am trying to show you why a large agency wont hire you right now, and what you can do to change that. Its all up to you. And if you already have your degree, GOOD, but now its time to get certified. Look into the next LE academy, sign up, and work your *** off. I dont think youre banished from m(d)pd forever, just for the time being. Best of luck buddy.
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