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  • Criminal justice Degree...

    I just wanted to pick some experienced brains here...

    How many of you guys currently hold a CJ (Associates or Bachelors) and has it been the key or beneficial in helping to land you a job?

    How long did it take after you recieved your degree to find a job?

    If you found a job after recieving your degree, was it the job you were after...I.E. was it actually what you intended to do with the degree?

    How many of you hold a degree and still have yet to find a job? How long have you been searching?

    Thanks again...

    I know everybody's situation is going to be different, I am just trying to geta good feel for what I want to do.

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    First off some of these questions have been covered here recently and if you do a search you will see that.

    So, me, I first got my Sociology Degree right after I got hired, but that was due to me being in my last semester of school when I attended the academy and had to finish after I was done and working. I also just got my AA in Criminal Justice just to add to me educational background so that when I either retire or if I get hurt, I have something to fall back on.

    As far as a degree in CJ in landing a job in LE, it is not required and some departments it may help you and others it may not. Everybody on here will have a different opinion here though.

    However with your background already as a Deputy Wildlife guy, you should be good to go.
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      I got a Bachelors degree in Law Enforcement on December 2003, which in Minnesota you need at least an Associate degree in Law Enforcement. Moved to Oregon where there is no requirements for any degree. Began testing in July 2004, have one conditional offer, which I just passed the psychological and only have the medical left; have an active background going with another department; and an interview with a third. With all these departments there were 100+ applicants testing for between 3-7 openings. I feel it gave me an advantage. Both my background investigators asked me about my degree, and so did the Chief of Police with the department I got the conditional offer from. It might not be needed, but I will take what ever help I can get.

      Along the same line I know some one with a four year degree that took 3 years to get hired on.


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