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Questions for those involved in the hiring process


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  • Questions for those involved in the hiring process

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I will give a little background on myself and then I have a few questions for those of you who have been through the recruiting process, or have been a part of the recruitment team.

    I am 6 months away from receiving my AS in Criminal Justice. I have already taken the National Police Officer Selection Test and scored a 97%. I have a semi-spotty driving record, but only one violation in the last 2 years. I have been convicted of one crime, Class C Misdemeanor Trespassing in 1993. I have a good credit score. I am in good physical condition and I have worked for the same company doing private security for the last 8 years.


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    Hi Amanda,
    Your education and work history looks pretty good, the misdemeanor violation is over ten years old, so i dont why that would be a factor. Misdemeanors are looked at by agencies on a case by case manner.
    I dont know of any agencies that really look at age anymore(except federal, etc)due to the age discrimination act. In my academy we a few recruyits that were in there late 40's. Unless the depts your applying to have a an age restriction, i dont see why that would be a factor either.

    I've heard from an officer in my dept that the whole Utah area is rough when it comes to competition, but that should never be reason to not push forward. In fact here in Vegas it can be a tough process to get hired, it took me almost two years here, but it was persistance that kept me in the game.....so keep in there face about wanting the job. By the way, Vegas has different agencies that are hiring right now and its not far from your current location, maybe something to look into.

    About sponsoring yourself through the academy, I did. It was amazing that after i was about to complete the academy agencies actually came to us to recruit. So i geuss in there minds it saves money for training and a salary if someone puts there self through. My agency hired me about two weeks before graduation, so i was very relieved. One academy here in vegas is actually through the community college, but dont get me wrong its not college based learning, it is quasi-military and they dont hesistate to have pushing ground for infractions. I would look into this option thought.

    And last but not least, you sound like you very intelligent throughout the process, but it comes back to the beginning. You just have to be persistent, even start at a small agency and gain experience for a few years if ya have to. Thats what im doing as we speak, ive been on about two years and plan on staying about one more and then im going to lateral elsewhere. About calling the Sgt or HR rep, most likley when you were completing the process you signed a waiver which states that if your denied employment that you give up all rights to knowing the reason. The SGt or Hr rep will probably quote that to ya. But its not a reason to give up , big words "BE PERSISTENT AND DONT GIVE UP"

    Hope i was able to help ya a bit, and im sure the others guys and gals will add some more to this post. Good luck Amanda


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      Thank you for your reply!

      We also have a POST program through the Community College here, that is the one I am presently considering because it allows me to keep my full-time job as well. It takes a little longer, and costs a little more than standard POST, but like I said - it allows me keep my job.

      I have looked into LV Metro also, I am sending my out of state packet in for the May testing. My husband used to live in Las Vegas and worked on The Experience with the Metro Dept. alot so I really respect the job the department does down there. Plus my personal interaction with the Officers I met was very positive.

      Thank you for your help, I really appreciate your reply.


      P.S. As an after thought, I had not considered the possibility that Departments would try to recruit non-sponsored people that are preparing to graduate from the Academy. Makes perfect sense, I am not sure why I had not considered that. Thanks again!
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