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  • New here and a few things

    Thank you for allowing me to join the forum, and I look forward to being here.

    I am 41, former Marine, and will be taking the PA State Police Oral Boards next month. I am confident, but on the same token, nervous as well. I am currently preparing for the interview, so overall, it shouldn't be a problem. In addition, I am in excellent physical condition, and follow a 4 day a week routine which includes running, weights, bodyweight excercises and hill and sandbag work as well. I also have expereince in private security, loss prevention and private investigation. Right now, I work for Homeland Security, Customs and Immigration (Non-Enforcement).I also have a 4 year criminal justice degree.

    My main concern is the background check. I have no convictions, and only one arrest, which was by the MPs 20 years ago for drunk and disorderly. I also went AWOL for a week, due to personal reasons, but only received barracks restriction(ashamed of). Should I just tell everything, and I mean EVERYTHING? traffic tickets, weed (never sold), problems in high school(was expelled), stole candy from the store, etc? Someone told me if it's not asked, don't tell, but I would rather just be up front and tell the truth. That's just who I am, even though the things I have done are far from honorable. Trust me, I'm no angel, I was a punk kid and I have made a lot of bad decisions, and some as an adult. I look back and truly regret these mistakes, but have learned from them and have a strong desire to serve the public. Also, as of now, I am almost debt free. Furthermore, I volunteer in the community when time allows.

    You are probably wondering why I have waited so long to pursue a career in LE. After the PI job, I gradually lost interest and drifted from job to job, and also had relationship and money problems as well. You could say a "pre mid-life crisis". I feel at this point, I am more disciplined and focused, and ready to take on the responsibility of such an awsome task as LE. 10 years ago, I don't think I was mature enough to handle such a job, honestly. I would not want to jepordize the lives of my fellow officers by being in a position I wasn't ready for. Now, I am prepared.

    Thank you in advance



    P.S. I know the BI and Poly questions have been asked, so I appologize for being repetitive.
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    "Life should be a mission and adventure, not just a mere existence"

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    Yes tell everything. They will either find out doing your BI or on the polygraph. Show them your dd-214 and show that it was only one incident and you should be able to explain your-self, however it depends on what the DQ's are or not. Just be honest with everything. Good luck.
    "An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded."


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      Thank you, IrishLad..I really appreciate it
      "Life should be a mission and adventure, not just a mere existence"


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