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Gainesville, Ocala, Marion County S.O.???


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  • Gainesville, Ocala, Marion County S.O.???

    Does anyone have information on these Agencies?

    *Working enviornment?
    *Lateral and/or upward mobility?
    *Hiring practices?


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    Check their website, they will answer a lot of your questions!
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      If you're looking for pay stay away from Marion County S.O., Ocala P.D. would be fun they have a little bit of everything to get into there and pay is decent. Can't tell you much about Gainesville I'm sure that UF would keep it interesting though and they are always hiring. Ocala P.D. did have a recruiter that was pretty squared away you can get his info from their website and I'd look at the rest of the sites too and call their recruiters.
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        I live in Gainesville, was employed by UFPD for 7 months, currently work for Alachua Police, my roomate is a Deputy for Alachua SO, and a lot of my buddies from acad. went to Gainesville. Here is what I know.

        Gainesville PD- Great pay, and an active city. Their policies are restrictive when compared to the sheriffs office, and you are stuck in their city retirement, which I hear is ****ty. Take home car, and good OT. They are getting tasers, and have MDT. Varied jurisdiction, with lots to do and see. From what I hear, a great place to work with lots of action, but some issues about UOF and chasing. I dont know too much about it. Back up is very close +++

        UFPD- Best pay in the region, massive amounts of OT, BEAUTIFUL scenery (if youre a guy), safe working environment, statewide jurisdiction, decent equipment, artificially low morale (in that people bitch and moan, but they shouldnt, and they do it just to do it). Not a whole lot of action, but with 50,000 drunk students, you can find your piece if you really look hard. You wont get the crazy serious calls like aso and gpd (armed robbery, etc), but you will get a lot of physical disturbances. Also, you can go off campus, which makes your jurisdiction seem much bigger. Policies are very restrictive. STATE Retirement. No take home car. Tasers for some. MDT. Campus cop stigma. I enjoyed my time there. Overall, a better agency then most would anticipate. Back up is on your bumper.

        Alachua SO- Crappy pay (start at 29k w/o college deg), very unrestrictive policies (they chase for most anything), great use of force continuum, great equipment, tasers, take home car, STATE retirement, many slow nights out there in the rural county, but some of their zones are very active. My roomate seems very pleased with his job, as do all the other deps i know from there. Back up is in another city on a traffic stop

        If i had to choose, I think I would pick ASO, But would love working for UFPD or GPD. GPD downside is their retirement. This is all imho. Sorry for the stream of conscience style here, but its late and i save my sentence structure for my professors. There is a GPD officer on this site who I am sure wouldnt mind tellin you all about it. PM for more info and ill check with him.

        Also, Gainesville is an ever expanding city, annexing every year. Their dept is growing, while the so, naturally, is shrinking. I know GPD needed a lot of officers a few months ago, but from what I hear, they are no longer hiring right now. They have a lot of qualified applicants too. ASO, also, is not hiring according to their website. UFPD i believe is not hiring either. This all changes on a moments notice though, so dont be terribly discouraged. (there are a few other agencies in county of alachua, but are generally smaller and pay less) Hope the info helps!
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          Anybody know anything about Jacksonville SO? I checked out the website (not much info) and did the online application (I'm Fla certified). Curious how is pay vs cost of living? Is dept well equipped? Are policies restrictive or not? Specifically, chase and UOF.

          In DC we can only chase for violent felony that did or could have caused serious injury. Been called off chases for armed robbery w/ gun (we only had a partial tag. victim got 4 of six numbers in tag. found the car w/ the 4 partial match, car description fit. called off.), and a homicide warrant (it's a warrant we will get him some other time). We even had a Lt call off a FOOT pursuit on a stolen car bailout. Stolen autos have been known to pull next to cruisers, the driver flips off the officer and takes off. All very demoralizing. Enough ranting though.

          Also how is advancement into specialized units and detectives? Any idea how much they hire and how competitive it is? After my experience in DC I have a tendency not to believe anything a recruiter tells me.


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