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Confrontational Oral Board?


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  • Confrontational Oral Board?

    I am scheduled to take the oral board for the Maine State Police next week. I've heard that they use a confrontational approach in interviewing. I was wondering who has gone through this type of oral board and what to expect? Thanks.

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    You should talk to a Maine trooper or two that you know or trust that can give you some background, preferably newer ones that have recently gone through an interview process.

    I imagine that they are looking for a few things, such as decision making, common sense, problem solving abilities, communication skills, the usual stuff. The confrontational approach, whatever that might mean to MSP, probably means they are trying to rattle or distract you. Remember it's just a game, answer the question, and keep breathing.

    I would recommend that just about any answer you give you should preface, in your head or out loud, with the phrase "that depends." It keeps you looking at things from a big picture point of view, and you don't paint yourself into a corner.

    I would also be more apt to stick to my guns on ethical issues (i.e. you pull over a cop who has been drinking), and more apt to be flexible on discretionary/situational/tactical questions.

    Good luck.


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      Every oral board is conrontational in nature in some ways. There will always be one or two interviewers that will try to rattle you, and get you to change your answer, and show that you are undecisive. Don't blurt out an answer right away, but show that you can think quickly.
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