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Anyone from Seattle or Portland PD?


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  • Anyone from Seattle or Portland PD?

    I am a f/t police officer from new england, looking to move to the western part of the county. I noticed that both Seattle and Portland PD are hiring-any feedback on these departments from officers that work there?

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    A little advice:

    Do not apply in the Pacific Northwest...The agencies are professional, some modern, but the politics will wear you down. The liberal attitudes of the West Coast in general are absurd.

    Washington State in general is a corrupt place where liberals may highjack a governor's race. Imagine the scrutiny that law enforcement agencies are under?

    Accountability is an important concept--but a process out of control only serves to tie the hands of law enforcement--prevent us from doing our jobs, and makes "good faith" a moot concept.

    Consider also that in Seattle, after a scandal years ago where the Police Department investigated numerous city council members for corruption, the council passed an 'intelligence policy' prohibiting the Department from keeping files on organizations--a general definition of political, religious, and many in between. This protects corrupt city officials--and most notably in this day and age--terrorist organizations. One of the reasons WTO went out of control with riots and property damage five years ago was because the department could not adequately keep intelligence on anarchist groups bent on disrupting the conference.

    If you want to move out West, consider the Southwest...Arizona, Nevada, even Utah or Colorado. They pay less, but the cost of living is lower--taxes are much lower, and you will have support of your community and city. Washington State is a welfare state--a liberal dream, bordering on socialist. Oregon and most of California are similar. Be wary. When I moved here, I did not have all the facts.


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      In reference to cost of living... I moved to Colorado from Oregon. The cost of living in Oregon is extremely low compared to here. Compared with what an officer gets paid, try living in Las Vegas, or elsewhere. Washington is not that bad either.


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        Thanks for the advice-although I was just sitting here laughing because I am from Massachusetts, and the liberal attitude here probably mirrors that of California...we have some of the most liberal views and poiticians in the country (John Kerry, the Kennedys, ...), so this is nothing new to me...


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          Eastern Washington is pretty conservative and the cost of living is low. I am not in law enforcement (yet) but I would guess that the politics in most departments in Washington (with the possible exception of Seattle and other large, puget sound area departments) are no worse than they are anywhere else.


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            I am looking at several agencies in Washington, from larger ones like Seattle, to smaller ones like Lake Forest Park Mountlake Terrace, etc. I have to agree with the liberalism of *some* of the Pacific NW. Eastern Washington's attitudes are a lot different, although WA has universal giuidelines. The LE community are under constant scrutiny here, almost battery at times, from the media and many, many community orginizations. This is part of the job, but it takes on a new meaning up here.
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