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Franklin County(OH) Sheriff's?


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  • Franklin County(OH) Sheriff's?

    I just wanted to speak to someone who has worked for them or knows someone that has. I'm currently in the Air Force (Security Forces) and was wondering how hard it would be for me to get on? Would it be better for me to just apply for the Ohio Dept of Corrections or try the FCSO? Also when would be a good time to apply if I'm getting out of the military in Aug? Sorry for so many questions. Just trying to figure out which option I should take.

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    In never worked for FCSO, but worked with them a lot during my years with Columbus PD.

    If you want to work a good corrections gig, I would suggest that you shoot them an application for their Deputy Sheriff position.

    In Franklin County, all the new Sheriff's Deputies start out working in the jail with no gun or arrest authority.

    After a couple years, you are able to attend their Peace Officer school and obtain your Ohio Peace Officer Certification and earn gun carry & arrest authority, which allows you to work outside the jail.

    Guys I used to talk to advised that it took about 10 years of corrections related work i.e. prisoner bus, shift work at the jail etc., to have enough senority to get even a junior shift patrol position.

    If you're thinking about a Detective Bureau, K-9, SWAT slot etc., even longer. (Most of those types that I knew had gray hair.)

    If you're wanting to hit the street, chase bad guys etc, better apply somewhere else.

    Best of Luck.


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