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Apply everywhere or just a few places?


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  • Apply everywhere or just a few places?

    I took crossfiled for 8 exams earlier this month and sat for the exam. I have people telling me 2 different things about crossfiling.

    1.) Only apply with 1 or 2 agencies at at time - makes it look like you really want to get in locally or in that department.

    2.) Don't apply to every agency that's testing (pretty much what I did) because it makes you look desperate and that you have something to hide by taking the first offer that comes along.

    What do you guys think?

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    Choose departments where you actually would like to work, and apply. If you want to stay in one area, choose the 3 or so that you find most desirable, and keep looking at other agencies even after you have applied. My opinion is that applying to a couple (or several) means you want to have options and are seeking the best job available. Limiting yourself to one or two applications has a real potential to lengthen your job search.

    Do not apply at departments just to get any job as a police officer. Look for places you really want to work, and that offer the salary and benefits you are seeking. Changing departments these days is easier than even 10 years ago, but my opinion is seek out the best job from the start, keepimg in mind that you are looking for an entry level position.

    Just my opinion.


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      I want to work anywhere in New York, so that's where I applied.


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