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    Hello everyone,
    I just recieved a email from the BOP about my current application. I recieved instructions from the Human Resources department to contact them prior to setting up an appointment and fax some required paper work to the institution.
    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Federal Corrections and the other possibilities that may come from having a position like that. Maybe Marshalls? If you would could anybody explain their job and or retirement system to me? Is it comparible to a PD's (20 in and out with 50% pay). Thanks Top

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    I am by no means an expert on the Bureau of Prisons, but I can shed some light on the federal side of the LE house. First off, there is no agency relation between the BOP and the US Marshal's Service. They are two seperate agencies and there is no possiblity to "promote" to a Deputy US Marshal from the BOP.

    That having been said, the federal system is like a club, once you're in somewhere, it is easier to get another federal job. If you are hired by agency X and do well, if you were otherwise qualified, it will be easier for you to transfer to agency Y, than it would be to be hired as an applicant off the street. I work with many people that started with other agencies.

    Additionally, the service time for Federal LE jobs otherwise known as "6C" is 25 years or at least 20 years of service by age 57. I don't know if the BOP is covered under this plan or not. Also have other programs such as the Thrift Savings Program, which is a sort of defered compensation, that the G pays into as well.

    Best of luck,

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      Thanks Puffy, from my understanding speacking with other ppl. The BOP is 20 or 25 years with a 60% pension plus the Thift Savings that the gov pays into after your 3rd year. Like you stated above it is easier to jump around in the Federal system rather than being hired from the street. Actually there is someone who jumped into the Marshals (if Qualified). Thanks Top


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        fed pris

        puffy, i work in a jail in Florida...I was talking to a buddy of mine at work one day and he started talk about the Federal Corrections. I was telling me i should look into it because im young (25). He tried to get on with them but he missed being young enough by a year. (he's in his 50's.). He was telling me the pay is higher, you can retire in 20 yrs. and its a lot less stressful as far as dealing with inmates. (he said they were mostly your white-colar criminals.). Is there any truth to this? And if i were to apply and get hired, what would my chances be of working in a florida prision? is it like the highway patrol, you go where they tell you to go?
        thanks, power


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          I have very little experience dealing with the Federal Corrections guys, with the exception of interviewing a few inmates while they were still in custody and obtaining temporary custody of another to provide assistance in another Federal case.

          I can tell you that according to all the local corrections guys that I have talked to, have stated that the Federal Bureau of Prison's salary, retirement, training, personnel and work environments are generally thought to be better than that of most state or county agencies.

          Unfortunately, that is about the extent of my knowledge of the BOP, other than they are all sent to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia for their basic training, along with most other Federal Agencies such as Secret Service, ATF, ICE etc.

          I would suggest that you go Online to the BOP website, and if you like what you see, contact a recruiter. (I realize that you probably didn't need me to tell you that part, but I feel bad that I have nothing else for you.)

          Best of Luck,


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            BOP go to Glynco for 3 weeks and everyone attends Co training. Secretaries, cooks all go thru CO training. There is alot of OT and yes they have the 20 Yr retirement however do you really want to be stuck inside a jail for the next 20 years of your life? They also dont get credentials or are authorized to carry off duty with a govt weapon.
            I don't answer recruitment messages....


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