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  • Recruiting for Vero Beach Florida

    The Vero Beach Police Department, Vero Beach Florida is looking for quality men and women to serve the citizens of Vero Beach. Candidates for employment must:

    -Be least 19 years old.
    -Have or be able obtain a Florida Drivers license.
    -Possess a two year degree OR at least 30 college credits coupled with two years of honorable, active duty military service
    -Be a non-smoker

    Officers who are certified in another state may qualify for Florida's Equivalency Training program as a means to obtain a Florida law enforcement certification. For more information on this program, go to:


    To see if you qualify for the Equivalency Training program (not the Vero Beach Police Department, Contact:

    Director Larry Lawson
    Police Selection Center
    Indian River Community College
    3209 Virginia Avenue
    Ft. Pierce, Florida 34981-5599
    (772) 462-4760
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Officers who qualify for the Equivalency Training Program may be given a Temporary Employment Authorization (TEA) and work full time as a Vero Beach Police Officer until completing the program. Officers hired prior to completing the program will receive the recruit salary until passing the state exam. Training and state exam fee are paid by the City of Vero Beach.

    The Vero Beach Police Departments hiring process is as follows:

    -Application review
    -Oral Interview (a panel consisting of 5 members)
    -Physical fitness test
    -Polygraph exam
    -Background investigation
    -Psychological exam and interview
    -Physical (including EKG, lumbar X-ray and drug screen)

    Current salaries and other benefits are:

    -$29,000.00 per year (recruit)
    -$33,362.00 per year (base, certified officer)
    -$35,030.10 per year (base, after first year)
    -$37,500.00 per year (base, after two years).
    -$50 per month additional for certified breath test operators
    -$84 per month additional for certified EMT's
    -$30 per month additional for an Associates Degree
    -$80 per month additional for a Bachelors Degree
    -Additional salary incentives available through the State of Florida
    -2.5 hours of overtime each pay period for shift briefing
    -100% tuition reimbursment and 50% for books for up to two classes per semester.

    The City of Vero Beach is located 150 miles North of Miami, on the East coast of Florida. It is 12 square miles in size and has a population of approximately 17,800 people. 62 sworn officers and 22 civilian personnel staff the police department.

    City of Vero Beach:

    -County Seat for Indian River County
    -Spring Training home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Piper Aircraft, and Flight Safety International.
    -Home to many citrus and other agricultural businesses.
    -Municipal power plant, water and sewer plant, airport, and marina.
    -City beaches and other barrier island parks.
    -1% of all sales tax dedicated to public improvement.

    Vero Beach Police Department:

    -Exceptional work schedule (4 on, 2 off, rotate between day and swing shift).
    -Permanent midnight shift positions with differential pay ($50.00 bi-weekly).
    -Salary incentives for training recognized by the City of Vero Beach.
    -Three-hour minimum of overtime for all off- duty court appearances.
    -136 hours of in-service training each year for every officer, depending on holidays (State minimum is 40 hours every four years).
    -Uniform cleaning.
    -Diverse patrol zones.

    Indian River County:

    -Contains the Municipalities of Vero Beach, Sebastian, Fellsmere, Indian River Shores, and Orchid Island.
    -Home of "Disney at Vero" Resort.
    -Countless fresh and salt water recreational areas.
    -Excellent public, private, and charter schools.
    -Home of the IRCC Mueller Center.

    Websites of interest:


    For more information about the Vero Beach Police Department (not Equivalency Training), contact:

    Lt. Keith M. Touchberry
    [email protected]

    The City of Vero Beach is an equal opportunity employer.
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    Do you offer increased salary for experienced officers? If so what would 5 years experience be worth?


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      Hey substation, five years allows to to pick either the glazed or the jelly donut before anyone else can pick.
      Fear is only as deep as the mind allows


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        Dead link when I try


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          Question: Do you offer increased salary for experienced officers? If so what would 5 years experience be worth?


          The salaries are determined through bargaining and there is currently no provision for experienced officers. You may purchase 4 years toward your retirement however.

          To get a better idea as to what the starting salary would actually be, add 5% for your briefing time (roughly $1,600.00 annually) and either $30.00 per month (360.00 annually) for a two year degree or $80.00 per month ($960.00) a year four year degree. Now you are over 35,000.

          To compare costs of living between your community and Vero Beach, go to the following web site:



          Lt. Keith M. Touchberry
          Support Services Bureau
          Vero Beach Police Department
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            KMT... Great HR for the City

            Hey KMT... I'm sure you'll get a kick out of this. A officer with 6 years experience (FL Cert) doesn't meet the min. standards. I called HR to explain my Thanks but No Thanks letter, and they didn't know what the stardards were. Just that my online app. didn't meet them.

            HR.... Go Figure.
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