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  • A.d.d.

    Yesterday I was talking to a guy in one of my CJ classes and he mentioned that he had ADD, and was taking meds for it. What do you think that his chances are of getting a LE job with that problem?
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    I can't see it being a problem, provided that the meds are effective.

    On a related note, however, I am pretty confident that this job has given me a moderate case of Adult ADD. I meet all of the diagnostic criteria, this has only been a problem since starting in LE.
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      Depends on the severity. If he can live life normally, then he's fine. If he has it really bad where he simply cannot concentrate on things, then it would be a danger to him and others so he probably wouldn't get hired.


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        It shouldnt be a problem. A buddy of mine that I worked with in Sacramento, has dyslexia and he just got hired on with LAPD.

        As long as it doesnt provent him from everyday activities, and or put him or other officers in danger, then he should be good to go...

        good luck to him!


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          He'll be fine...he might even make a better cop because of it!

          Many with ADD are highly intelligent and have the developed "sixth-sense" amny wish they had.

          By the way/FYI...ADD is different than ADHD. ADHD is ADD with hyperactivity. ADHD might be a problem unless his meds are working.


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            This is something I wonder about...My son is ADD and takes medication for it. I know that there are many years between now and when this may become an issue, but when he tells me that he wants to be a cop when he grows up, Im not sure if I should suggest other careers for him or not. I certainly dont want him to spend his life with a goal that is not obtainable due to his diagnosis.


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              I have ADD and it has not hurt me at all. I will agree with the "sixth sence" thing. I sometimes get the "Feeling" and 8 out of 10 times I'am right, whether it be a good or bad feeling. It's weird sometimes. I got off the Med's when I was in the 7th grade because of the way that they made he feel. My mother is a teacher and keep a really close eye on me through the whole process. It should be no problem for him.


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