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  • Nevada highway patrol/ California POST

    Is there anyone here that knows anything about the Nevada Highway Patrol? Besides qualifications, and anything found on their website (I already have that info). I am looking for personal experiences with them. It seems they pay good but have a high turnover rate, does anyone know why? Also I couldn't find if they accept out of state cert. (i'm from florida and certified in Law Enforcement with a little over 2 years under my belt) so if you could help me with that info. I want to hear the bad and the good about the agency. Also if the troopers spend most of their time on traffic accidents or do they have alot of proactive periods?

    Also, does anyone in here know of ANY California agencies that will sponsor a person through the basic course waiver process for out of state certified LEO's?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Nevada Highway Patrol is a good Department, but
    1) two weeks vacation for the firest ten years
    2) their pay sucks compared to other Nevada law enforcement departments (check out Las Vegas Metro, North Las Vagas PD, Henderson PD, Boulder City PD) I think you'll find out thats more like what you would want. Thats also the reason for the high turn over rate with the NHP.
    3) Working in Nevada, you sure you really, really want to work out in 110 to 115 degrees every day, and save the there no humitity crap. A freaking blast furnance is a blast furnace.
    4) Can we say rock, rock, rock everywhere you look, it not even sand it grey dirt and rocks.
    5) High cost of living if you want to live in a nicer neighborhood like Summerlin, avg cost of a house in SUmmerlin is about $450,000 (3 bed, 3 bath, NO YARD. No one has a yard in Las Vegas area or surrounding jurisdications, it just not heard of (ok maybe enough grass to step on but no enought to buy a lawnmower)
    6) ******, everyone seems like your scum and their better, even the millionares look down on the other millionares
    7)Have very good car insurance, every one drives Cadilliacs, Benzs, Jaguars, Farriis, Hummers, Rollsroyce, Bentleys, Ect.. (it's not uncommon to see rollroyces or Bentleys sitting outside od the 99 cents stores looking for bargins
    8)Did I mention the heat
    9)Traffic is ten times worse than Orlando, Pittsburgh and Cleveland combines on their worst days. CONSTRUCTION, CONSTRUCTION, CONSTRUCTION on the roadway everywhere, the orange construction barrel has been named as a possible candiate for Governor because it around everywhere mre than the curent Governor is.
    10) Hispaniscs, American Indians, Indians from India, Koreans, Twinaesse, Chineese, Japaneese, Russians, Whites, Blacks, Gays, Prostitutes, if you have any problems with any ethnic group then you really really don't want to go to Las Vegas region, they will sniff you out like a cat sniffing out a can of sardines in a tomato hot house in a hot Flordia summer
    11) Did I mention that no one like anyone out there, they don't even waste their time giving you the finger because your not worth their effort, and they don't mind letting you know it either.
    12) Worst drought in a long time and no releif in the forseen future, water restirction everywhere.
    13) Most of the women are ugly, if you gay, most of the men are ugly too (Just in case).

    1) No state income tax
    2) Gambling
    3) Prostitutes (it legal out there)
    4) Good money
    5) It sunny 320 day of the year
    6) Rain fall avg is about 5 inches a year at best (smallest rain causes the wash basins to rush, and flooding, yes in the desert).
    7)The heat in Nevada is ten times worst than Flordia on it;s hottest day (your hottest day isn't even near the hoeest fay in Vegas Babby...)and don't let anyone bull**** you about it. THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU JUMP...
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      Thanks man..but...

      Thanks for the input Sgt. Friday, but most everything you are refering to seems to involve Las Vegas and not the entire state. I know the northern parts and by Reno the climate isn't that bad. In Las Vegas is the heat that what 365 days of the year or just the summer? Arn't the nights cold? And humidity does mean something, I've felt Tampa at 95 with 90% humidity and I've felt LA Pheonix at around the same temp with 0 humidity. With the humidity you cant even breath! As far as people's attitudes out there, well I'm from Tampa so it wouldn't be any different. Did you work out there, are your comments from a personal experiance? Thanks!


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        Personal knowledge.
        I mentioned the Vegas area because even though they state they are hiring for numerous areas, most likly you will spend the first three years in the Vegas area because of the rapid growth, and the need for additional Officers. I'm not saying that there any "quotas" but you WILL issue tickets and you will GET OUT OF THE CRUISER on a continued basis.

        Looking at a map you'll notice that the areas they mention suround Vegas or are out in the middle of bum-f%#k nowhere.

        Yes the humity does play a rule, but again 115 is 115 and it hits you like a freaking blast furnance, what you won't give to sweat a little out there. The heat if mostly summer and the winter months are in the 60 to 70 ranges. There isn't any four seasons out there, you go from death of summer to freezing winter much as over night. You body can't get adjusted to the change, and as soon as it does, guess what, it time for another change.

        It does indeed get cold in Vegas at night, no clouds around to hold in the heat from the day. And nothing to really stop the wind from blowing (mountains) and cutting through you at night.

        Be careful, a slight rain out there can and does cause flash floods, the soil is so hard and dry that the rain can't soak into the soil, thus causing flash flooding. If you have children, teach them very earlier on to keep the hell out of the wash basins even in the brightest sunny day. They are death traps waiting for their next victims.
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        Fear is only as deep as the mind allows


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          Nevada Highway Patrol

          In response to your interest in NHP, I've had a few experiences with them. First, I lived in the Daytona Beach area almost four years ago, i tested for NHP in March of 2000 , completed and passed all testing, even had the letter stating that i had a job. So i relocated to Las Vegas in preparation for the recruit academy, and then i waited, waited and did i mention waited. I ended making phone calls to find out what the status of the academy was and when we should expect to attend, i was never given a clear answer. I was told there were 15 of us from all over the country on the list to attend. Well, after about 2 1/2 years of this god forsaken place (Las Vegas) i was informed that due to budget restraints, that there would be no academies for awhile and that the list would be started over (meaning deleted). This was kind of discouraging,because i was so determined to work for the state. Dont get me wrong NHP has some great troopers, but i think there hiring process is in need of some changes. Im pretty sure there up and running academies again, i had an academy brother attend there lateral academy. Anyway, just prepare yourself if you decide to test...........good luck


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            Nevada Highway Patrol


            Regarding your interest in the NHP I some information that could be of use. A friend of mine recently retired from this agency.

            The NHP is a good department if you are looking for an opportunity to move west. Politics is definitly going to be an issue and the heat can be awful. However, this department pays well considering the low pay scale of most State police and Highway patrol agencies. They are the second highest paid highway patrol/state police in the western states behind California. You will most likely be assigned to Las Vegas as your first assignment due to the fact that the NHP is consistantly down approximatley 50-60 troopers in that region on a continual basis. Attrition is high primarily due to politics and the opportunity provided by local agencies that have been previously mentioned. You are basically responsible for traffic enforcement on Nevada highways and see very little activity beyond that scope. The NHP has a good relationship with the CHP along the California border. Also, you had mentioned the Reno/Tahoe area. This is a difficult assignment to get as the highest seniority personnel request this transfer. You are looking at a very inhospistable assignment after Las Vegas such as Tonopah, Austin, or the northern Nevada/Idaho border.

            pd821 mentioned that he had moved to Las Vegas awaiting his assignment to the academy? This is very odd as the academy takes place in Carson City which is approximately 25 miles south of Reno. I would think twice before taking his advice. Who would move to Las Vegas awaiting word of the start of the Academy that is not definite, much less 300+ miles to the north? Take it for what it is; opportunity. The hiring process is long and all traffic "tickets" are considered misdemeanor violations in Nevada. They are not overlly rigid in the selection process so you could work with some real winners. Overall, you have some very good troopers and things are really starting to improve in Las Vegas and Reno/Tahoe locations on a economic and cultural scale.

            Good Luck,


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              In response to the last post, The reason i moved to Las Vegas before the academy was to get settled in with a home and all other aspects of living, and like you said you'll most likely be posted in Vegas, thats where i was going to be assigned my . I know the academy is in Carson City, But now there is one in Vegas due to the issues created a few years back about recruits having to be so far away from family while having to stay in Carson City..........Just a little clarification for ya


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                Thank you for the clarification. Forgive me for having questioned your honesty. I am unaware of the Academy based in Las Vegas and will research this development. Thank you for your reply.



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                  There was no offense taken, im just very bitter in regards to the whole situation. I ended up putting myself through the academy here in Vegas and was hired by an agency upon graduation. Till this day i wouldnt mind working for NHP,but with my last experience it left me kind of disappointed in regards to how they conduct hiring and retention. If i left my agency now for NHP i'd be taking a big cut in pay.


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