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    My wife and I are interested in the Las Vegas area. It appears to offer a lot, yet I honestly don't know enough about Las Vegas (aside from the strip) to make a decision about applying/moving. What are the pros and cons of being a Las Vegas area cop?

    Considerations: I've been a cop in a midwestern city of about 65000 people for just over 7 years and we have 3 young children.

    Is there a particular agency that would be better suited for me? Are there other things about the area that I should be aware of before applying?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Major, Major, Major politics in law enforcement out there in Las Vegas. Housing is sky rocketing, most homes don't have real yards,yards are non-existant (some pebbles and sand for the most part). Hope you like gambling or strip clubs because thats what your going to get for entertainment.

    Do we even need to mention the heat in the summer, alwayys 105+ degrees and thats not even considering wearing the vest or standing on the hot road directing traffic.

    At this temp. it really doesn't matter if it's a dry heat or not, a furnance is a furnace is a furnace
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      Guess it depends on the person...we don't even gamble, but we considered it BECAUSE of all the strip clubs, the affordable housing and no state income tax. Seemed like a very professional agency with opportunities in just about every possible LE assignment.
      If there's a downside, it might be one-man cars, heavy gang activity, heavy competition for special assignments like K-9, and obviously, the heat. My group ran exactly this week last year at 2:00pm and it was 98 degrees, but actually, I saw more people blow it on pushups/situps than on the run, although a couple of guys puked and one actually needed the EMS truck they had there. At least they let you get a lot of stuff done in a single trip for out-of-area candidates: Fitness, Written, Oral, B-PAD, Mini-Background, and if you pass everything, they send you home with a very thick background packet that's a lot more thorough than the other couple of packets I've seen, and you do the second phase of the testing in another week-long trip.
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        Try looking inot Henderson NV and North Las Vegas. I've herad good things about both and Henderson pays pretty good and is suburban. I hear they are pushing to hire.

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          On the subject of cons, these depts are very very hard to get hired on with. With their income and benefits, they can be real picky.
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            Las Vegas Area

            In response to hiring by agencies in the Las Vegas area, it is tough. There is alot of competition, but as one other forum writer said the pay and benefits area good. There are a fewer smaller agencies in the area you may look into. It would be a start in gaining experience in the Las Vegas area and then moving over to the bigger agencies. In fact you'll be in contact with alot of the larger agencies while conducting work for the smaller ones, make some good contacts and you may make it easier to get hired. Look at job listings for this week, there is an agency hiring two officers......good luck...


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              LVMPD is a super department. Vegas is a great city. There is so much more than gambling and strip clubs in this city. Our culture may not be top notch yet...but we are growing at still one of the highest rates in the country.

              The weather does get hot, and the housing prices have jumped dramatically...but they are starting to level off and will probably drop within a year or so. Not that dramatically though since Vegas was very under-prices for many years.

              I live in Henderson (Green Valley) and it is just like any other city. The best part is everything is new. My high school was 4 years old. The place that I work now before I enter the Metro academy is 3 years old. The local mall is not even 10 years old. My church is just over 10 years old. You get the idea. One thing that we don't have is trees. Get used to desert landscaping and water restrictions that run throughout the year.

              I would recommend Summerlin or Green Valley for a family to move into. There are many nice communities with brand new nice schools in both parts of town. Summerlin and GV are about 25 miles apart, with Summerlin being the "newer" of the two.

              As for agencies the budget increase was finally passed after 2 years of failure. LVMPD (Metro) will be doing some serious hiring in the next few years from what I am told. Henderson is also a great department but is small and very competitive. North Las Vegas isn't too bad, but there are some rough areas there. As said there is some major competition for these departments. At the written test I was sitting next to an ex-military guy of 20 years on one side, and a detective for the LAPD on the other.

              Best of luck, any questions feel free to drop me a line.
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                You might also want to look into the Nevada Highway Patrol. They are down something like 30-50 slots right now and hiring for LV.

                Take a look at this:

                for hiring details.

                Good luck!


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