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When will they contact my employer?


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  • When will they contact my employer?

    I'm applying to a local department for the first time. As part of the process, I have to list my current and former jobs. I understand that, at some point in the process, the department is likely to contact my current employer to check me out. But I'm curious as to when they're likely to do so.

    The reason for my concern is that, if my current employer gets wind of the fact that I'm looking for something else, they're likely to show me the door. And since we're in a 'right to fire' state, I don't have much recourse.

    I wouldn't be so concerned if this a position as Fry Technician at McDonalds, and I could easily replace the income. But it's a career I've been in for over 10 years and my paycheck supports my whole family. And there's no guarantee, even after contact, that I'd be hired by the PD.

    Is it acceptable to request an agency hold off on contacting my current employer until the very end of the process?

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    In the depts. that I have applied at, they generally talk to your employers after the initial interview. I would suggest that you explain the situation during the interview when they ask if there is anything else you would like to add. I know that in the department that I currently work for, the administration would understand this. But, if you make it to the background investigation stage, it will be kind of hard for them to get an idea of your character if they cannot contact the employer that you have worked for for 10 years. I too work in a midwestern right to fire state, but I'm lucky that my current employer is very supportive of trying to better yourself.

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      On all the applications I have put in their is a box asking if it would cause problems at work if they contacted them. They pretty much have to eventually contact them but I would imagine they'd wait till the last part of your processing to do so if you have a chance of getting fired. Make sure to list guys they can contact who you trust not to run to the boss with the info. You could also try to hire on the reserves and get picked up that way so you can make a smooth transition.
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