When I recently interviewed for a Reserve Police Officer position I was asked the following questions.

After clearing a building of an alarm your partner takes a pen from the business as you walk out. What would you do? My reply was, I would tell him to put it back, because it's stealing.

They asked what would you do if he didn't put the pen back. My reply was that I would report it to the Reserve Coordinator, since that would be my chain of command.

They asked what would you do if it were your Reserve Coordinator? I replied, I probably would go to the next person in line, be it a Corporal or Sergeant.

How do you answer this question? I know Cops don't tell on Cop's for the most part and if you did you probably would not be trusted around the department and labeled a snitch. But, if you don't answer yes to the question, they will initially question your integrity.

Again, How do you answer this question? Do you just sort it out with the other person and not report it?