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  • Psychological test

    I have a psychological test for a police department and was wondering if anyone had some advise on how to or not to answer certain questions. I've taken one before and remember a lot of questions refered to "do u prefer working by urself or with others", " would u rather be an engineer or an artist" and questions like that. Any tips so there is no question in the psychologists mind that i was born to be a cop.

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    Ummm, answer honestly?


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      Dito to what kchww said. Just answer honestly.

      The test is an assessment of your entire personality, which means no single answer in itself is going to be judged right or wrong.

      You just have to go with what you got and hope you're really not full goose bozo after all. (G)
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        Sure, we'll help you out. Just post your name and the Dept you are testing for.....after a bit of "research" (which may involve some phone calls), we'll make sure you get all the "help" that anyone who asks for info on how to lie on a test deserves


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          get a good nights sleep and don't drink a gallon of coffee before the test. Answer all the questions honestly. To describe the reason for the order and type of questions would take a whole book. Suffice it to say, the test measures just about everything about your personality and depending on your scores on different graphs will determine what questions are asked of you after the test. The sleep part is very important. The last time I took it I was DEAD tired. It showed me as being alcoholic. I had to laugh when I talked to the Dr. as I drink at most two beers a week and I've only had 2 beers in the last 6 months.
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          For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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            just took a psyc and passed last week

            Think like a cop when you take it, but be honest, the interview portion seems to weed throught the BS. No one question effects the outcome, it is a series of unrelate answers the will devulge your serial killer instinct, there is a lot of info at the library on the CPI and all of the test, even on the internet
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              In my experience with psych tests, they seem to ask a lot of the same questions in different form...just be consistant. I've said this before in other posts, but it's worth saying again: psych tests are really just intelligence tests. They're really just looking to see if you're smart enough to give them the answers they want to hear. Do they really think that someone is going to answer yes to "Are you aroused by your mother?" Of course not. Even if they are, they're not going to admit it, unless they're just plain stupid. That's kind of an extreme example, but you get my drift. They're not allowed to give an IQ test, so they give a psych test. It's also the city's way of avoiding liability, so when you get popped for banging horses, they can say "well, I don't know where THAT comes from, he passed our psych test!"

              Just do like everyone else said, get a good night's rest, go in there and be honest, try to be consistant with your answers, and if you're just not smart enough to figure out the right answers, it just wasn't meant to be. Good luck.
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                A lot of police departments across North America employ a psychological test called the MMPI2 or the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, and as the name suggests it determines your "personality." By previous posts on this thread it sounds like many of you have taken the MMPI2. I would do some research on it (Google it.) A better understanding of how the test works and what it measures will help you succeed. Remember, as stated before in this thread, honesty is the best policy in most cases.

                Be careful, because there are about 10 - 20 questions in the test that evaluates how "truthful" you are being. An example is "I have told a lie before?" Of course everyone has lied before, and they are expecting you to answer yes. If you answer no, they will obviously know you are trying to make yourself appear in a more favourable light to the psychologist who reviews the results, and it will in turn show poorly upon yourself.

                On the other hand there are questions that you may think are common to most but really aren't. One such example is "Sometimes I can't fall asleep at night as my mind is racing." The "sometimes" will throw you off because if it's ever happened to you before you will answer yes. The favourable answer to this question is no. It's ambiguous in that it doesn't say how often sometimes is.

                There is such a thing as being TOO honest, and that can get you disqualified. Don't try to be so honest that you end up answering "yes" to a lot of questions that have the word sometimes in them. Sometimes to them means semi-regularly, not rarely. That is important to keep in mind.

                K, I hope this has helped. I know a bit more about the MMPI2 so if you have any further questions you can PM or e-mail me.

                Cheers and good luck!
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                  I just took the MMPI2 in June. My God, they should not let you drive after taking that test. 576 true false questions. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes. The most important advice that I can give is don't dwell on any one question. Answer it and go on. Try not to leave any questions blank because that will skew the results. As others have said be honest. I tried to get advice from some of the other officers on my department, but they weren't that helpful. I think I'm normal and my results said so, just try to be in a good mood when you get there for the test.



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                    Thanks for all the advise. I've also taken one about a year ago and I think I passed. No one told me I failed but I also didn't get the job. Any advise on the ?'s that ask "do you like to work my your self or with others." I want to be consistent but It also depends on what kind of mood I'm in. I don't want to seem inconsistent.


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                      The MMPI only asks yes and no questions, so the question might be "I like to work by myself" or "I like to work with others." You can answer yes to both of those questions if that is the case. At times you prefer working alone and at times you prefer working with others.
                      I'll believe that when me $hit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert.


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                        Good Answers


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                          When it's a noun, it's "advice", not "advise", which latter is a verb, with a "z" sound, not the "s" sound that a soft c has. Lern ta spel. Seriously, if you (not "u" -- they won't spell it that way on your tests -- and you've showed that you know how to spell "you") completely ignored your high school English classes, and didn't otherwise acquire the associated knowledge, you're not going to be able to do the writing necessary for the job; if you do have the necessary writing ability, start practicing it diligently, instead of using a trashy net style of writing.


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                            be advised, the psychological tests are not to see if your fit for a position in law enforcement. It tests to see if you function normally around civilians in everyday life.

                            The COPS (candidate officer personality survey) tests to see if you have a police officers personality. DO NOT think like a cop on the MMPI.


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                              ahhh the infamous mmpi. I took the mmpi in 01, passed, completed reserve academy, been serving as a reserve for 6 years yet everytime i apply for a fulltime position with the same dpt, they drop me at the psych...I still serve as a reserve, patrol solo, carry the same weapon, took the same oath, i just do it for free...my last psych summary(07) i was informed by the doc that i tested high for drug/alcohol abuse, stress, anxiety, depression, and lack of a support group....experimented with marijuana over 10 years ago, (total of 2 joints) maybe 3 beers in the last year(all on new years) some stress(thats life), anxiety(nothing) depression(told the doc only thing that is depressing me is the fact that they wont hire me full time)...also he asked in the interview if i had committed any crimes as a child. Informed him couple of my friends and i shot out windows of a vacant house when i was 10...but nothing happened, no police, arrest, nothing. however in my summmary he put applicant admitted to being arrested as a juvenile, also told him i got drunk 1 time before the age of 18 and he put in summary that I have high potential for alcoholism, and since i experimented with m.j. that labeled me for drug abuse.... when i applied 3 years ago i was told i tested high for not respecting authority although never been reprimanded, disciplined, demoted, suspended ever in my life, and also stated I lacked the maturity(even though i was already a reserve at that time and was heading in to cover a patrol shift for a full time officer right after the follow-up interview. Was told im a liability for the city/dpt however i'll be patrolling the streets tonight, so look out.

                              moral of the story

                              the MMPI is GGRREeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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