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    In California, you must either be a citizen or have applied for citizenship and be within a year or two of getting it (I don't remember how long exactly) before you can be appointed as a peace officer. However, there is another consideration most foreign police candidates miss.

    When you become a peace officer (or just about any American government employee) you are required to take a loyalty oath. In that oath, you pledge to defend the US and its Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Technically speaking, that means if the US and your country ever go to war, you are now pledged to wage war against your home country on behalf of the United States. Under the laws of most countries, waging war against your home country is usually considered to be treason.

    While the likelihood of that ever happening is minimal, the whole point is that countries take it very seriously when their citizens pledge their allegiance to another nation. If you look at the United States Code, you will find that one of the criteria for taking citizenship away from a natural born US citizen is that they have sworn an oath of allegiance to a foreign government. With this in mind, foreign candidates for US police jobs need to check the laws of their home countries very carefully to ensure that taking the US loyalty oath will not cost them their citizenship or create other legal repercussions for them.
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