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    I am flying out to to take the test on Monday, the 28th, and I was wondering if anybody has any personal feelings about lvmpd, or knows anybody that has mentioned anything about them. My sister-in-laws husband is an officer out there, and I was fortunate enough to go on a ride along a few weeks ago when I was there, as well as meet many people at one of the area commands. I know a fair amount about them, but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything or knows any personal tidbits. Thanks!

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    Vegas metro is consitently listed in the top 5 dept's in the country based on a number of factors...the pension, pay, assignment, and promotion opportunities are VERY nice because it's the fastest growing city and the dept grows with it (for the most part). If promotion is your career goal, moving up in the dept can be quick (but challenging), and if you become a captain or above, your status in the LE community across the country is very high. Nearly every year, dept heads (capt's, deputy chiefs, etc) retire to become police chiefs of other cities & security chiefs of major corporations/casinos (with excellent pay)...the undersherrif last year became the US Marshall for Nevada.

    Pick a LE assignment, and Vegas has it...everything from U/C work to K9 to bicycles to horse patrol to rural county-type patrol (Vegas has the entire county of 5,000+ sq miles). You can even be assigned to the secretive intelligence unit, take a plain clothes job as a recruiter/background investigator in personnel, become a "tac officer" in the academy training new recruits full time, or try out as a full time search & rescue officer/helicopter pilot getting some of the best training available for that type of work. Many off-duty events like Xmas shopping for poor families, Baker to Vegas run for you athletic types, and orgainzed softball/football teams are there for anyone to join in. The training available is huge, with a catalogue of classes to pick from every year, and many "special" speakers come to Vegas to lecture or teach quite often paid for by the Dept. No state tax & no FICA (social security) tax adds to your take-home pay, which begins in the low 40's and quickly goes over 50k by the end of your 2nd year with 3 days off every week (10 hour work days).

    Some downsides (all non-dept related): the city has very little culture or sports outside the gambling and sex industry...no professional sports besides a weekend of nascar, worst drought in history right now, and cost of housing is rising the fastest in the country. Corruption among the politicians pops up every once in awhile, with just this last year a number of the county board members being indicted for federal corruption type crimes (taking bribes from a topless club owner). Real Estate values have been increasing an average of 10% a MONTH since Feb. Most homes have doubled and even tripled in the last 2 years - finding housing is becoming more difficult for new residents, as many homes are sold within the first day or 2 of listing with fierce bidding wars among buyers

    Bottom line is if you don't mind the fast-lane of Vegas life and have no problems raising a family in that environment, then a LE career can be very, very good for you..how'd your test go?


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      I lived in Vegas for 11 years. Best place in the world. Badger is right though about nothing other than gambling and sex. Corruption too. The mayor (Oscar Goodman) is an old time mob lawyer. LVMPD is one of if not the best department in the country. There is nothing that I can add that Badger did not say. So much opportunity. Good pay, decent cost of living, and great people. Let us know how the test went. I toyed with the idea of moving back, but don't like the idea of doing the academy all over.
      In law enforcement, the customer is ALWAYS wrong.

      In God we trust. Everyone else is run through NCIC.

      Sometimes there is justice. Sometimes there is just us.

      I'd rather be tried by 12 then carried by 6.

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        Originally posted by BadgerFan
        Some downsides (all non-dept related): the city has very little culture or sports outside the gambling and sex industry...no professional sports besides a weekend of nascar,

        Doesnt LV have the Wranglers, a minor league professional hockey team & one of the LA Dodgers minor league professional baseball teams?


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