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Lewisville, Texas Police are hiring!


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  • DertyLew
    started a topic Lewisville, Texas Police are hiring!

    Lewisville, Texas Police are hiring!

    We are currently hiring for 15 positions.


    Recruiting website

    Recruiting video

    Human resources job posting

    About the city
    Lewisville is a city of over 100,000 people within about 40 square miles. The city is divided into 4 districts and within those districts are 4 beats (Lake is patrolled by county and we patrol the parks). Lewisville has some nice areas and older areas. The city is bordered by some nice towns if you don't like to live where you work. For recreation we have pretty much everything here (restaurants, lake, mall, gun ranges, etc).

    Patrol Shifts
    A shift is typically commanded by a Patrol Captain, and 2 Sergeants (North and South). Most shifts have an Officer in each beat and some rovers. A typical shift (depending on what beat you want) is call to call. If you want to be a busy proactive police officer Lewisville PD is the place to be. There are days where you won’t be able to take a lunch or conduct traffic stops because of the amount of priority one calls and there are days where you will get a handful of calls and be able to make some stops. We have a lot of apartments, retail complexes, and bars that keep us busy.

    The shifts are as follows: 1st watch (days) and 2nd watch (nights) work Mon-Wed and every other Thursday. 3rd watch (days) and 4th watch (nights) work every other Thursday and Fri-Sun. I posted this a few years ago and at the time there were officers working on weekend night shift for 5+ years before moving to another shift. We now have a rotating weekend power shift and due to the growth of the department some officers have only had to work on weekend night shift for less than a year. The department is currently evaluating our current shift schedules and this could change at any time. If I didn’t have a family I would still be on 4th watch (weekend nights) that shift is where you learn to be a cop. Great guys, great calls, and mediocre food choices.

    We are currently driving the Ford Police Interceptor (Taurus) but are transitioning fairly quickly to the Ford Police Utility (Explorer) with Federal Signal Valor light bars. Every marked vehicle is equipped with a laptop, cage, shotgun and several vehicles are equipped with additional equipment (ballistic shield, radars, plate scan, lojack, stop sticks, etc.) We are all issued pretty much everything (duty belt/accessories, uniforms/rain gear, radio, transmitter, armor, HK sidearm, Tasers, flashlights, patrol rifles, medical kits, etc.) If you choose not to carry the HK you can select a sidearm from the approved list and purchase it yourself. We are also now issued exterior vests which are awesome since we can cool off while typing a report or inspecting the freezer of a gas station between calls. Bodycams are on the way but I am not sure when.

    We have several specialized units to include a Traffic Division which contains traffic enforcement officers, DWI officers and a CMV enforcement officer; Special Operations which include a Gang Unit, Street Crimes, Narcotics, Neighborhood Resource Officers, and School Resource Officers. We also have two K-9 units, a tactical team, People/Property Crime detectives, a civilian staffed detention and dispatch center, and a training center staffed by a captain and training officer.

    Having our own range allows us to train and shoot whenever we want without having to fight another department for a reservation. The range has some new additions to include several classrooms, a driving simulator, and a firearms simulator. The city has also built a CrossFit gym for city employees and offers classes almost weekly. The city is big on staying or getting healthy and offers its own city clinic.

    Note to new applicants
    Police work is a career and is not for everyone. Before you apply you need to ask yourself if this is really what you want to do and not just because you get a stable paycheck. We have lost people in FTO and soon after they complete the program that decide this is not the job for them. Please do your research before you embark on this career because if you don’t, are hired, and later decide it is not the career for you, you limit the amount of police officers an organization has and that could affect the safety of the community (most importantly the police officers).

    I chose Lewisville because it is a busy city, the department allows us to be cops, we are a respected department that takes care of our own, our pay and benefits are awesome, the county DA is proactive, and the area is descent to live in. We are currently growing and trying to keep up with our population. I will admit morale is not the highest right now but hopefully with the hiring of more officers and some department changes we will be a great department again. We have a lot of great officers who take care of each other, new equipment, and great training.

    I wish everyone luck and if you have any questions feel free to PM me. Also, if you happen to apply put my screen name in the reference

    "The opinions expressed by me are mine alone, and do not reflect the opinions of the City"
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  • battlewagon
    Nice starting pay and equipment, good luck with recruiting efforts.

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  • DertyLew
    Here are some answers to some recent questions that may help.

    Still using the agility course?
    Yes we still have the agility course with the six foot wooden textured wall.

    Are you hiring non-certified Officers?
    Yes, most of our recent hires have been sent to the academy (Tarrant County College, NCTCOG, or Denton academies). If you are currently certified or in the academy and become certified after you test you will be ranked at the top of the eligibility list.

    Does the City offer military leave?

    Yes, short term military leave is 15 days. We have a lot of prior and active military service members working for the department that routinely deploy.

    Take home cars?

    Only a few on call officers have take home vehicles when they are on call

    Residency requirement?

    We do not have a residency requirement and there are a few officers that live over an hour away.

    Retirement program:
    Our retirement is under the Texas Municipal Retirement System. The city also offers a deferred compensation program as a supplement

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