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  • State of Tennessee L.E. Jobs

    Hello, are there any current openings in the State of Tennessee for Police Officer? Tennessee is my home state and would like to move back. I served as a Police Officer in Pennsylvania and am now certifed in Florida and am also serving as a Police Officer here... Also does anyone know if my certification is transferable to Tennessee? I attended a 22 week academy in PA and my cert there transfered here to FL... any help would be SOOOOO much appreciated. I am really wanting to go back to my roots.

    Jeremy B. Davis

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    The Memphis Police Department is currently hiring, that's the only one I'm sure about off the top of my head.
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      Chatanooga takes apps all year long.
      But they are real quirky. Hell, last year they had an open recruitment going, I called, spoke to an officer there, requested a packet AND NEVER GOT IT!

      Shooot it took many days just to get phone calls back from those guys. I think years ago, if I remember correctly, the same thing happened.

      I'm kinda wondering if they are not interested in out of state police officers. Wonder if anyone from there agency hangs out here?
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        Hell I dont know..... Im just curious if there are any openings in TN. Bah nevermind im just having a hard time getting used to Florida and im in one of my whiney moods....


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          try this http://www.officer.com/recruiting/reustn.htm


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            Another site to try: http://www.tletoa.org/leolinks.htm

            The TN POST Commission site is here: http:www.state.tn.us/sos/rules/1110/1110-02.pdf

            At the top of page 4 it says that if you're certified out of state you need to take the TN POST Cert. Test within 30 days of your employment with a TN agency. Pass grade is 75%. If you fail the first time you can take the test again in another 30 days. If you fail it a second time you have to "go back to school".

            Are you looking for a large or small agency (or does it matter?)
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              JBD - please check your PM's


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                krj: AHH we have PM's!!! I didnt know that.


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