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  • Polygraph

    I just went through my polygraph for a department in Ohio. The administrator told me that I passed the exam, however he did have questions regarding one of my responses on the test. We discussed the issue, and when I asked him if I passed he told me I did. My question is whether or not the issue he had with one of my responses will reflect negatively on me as I move through the rest of the hiring process. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Might help if you tell us what the issue was.
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      I'm sorry about the lack of information in my post, but the subject matter of the question I had problems with is a bit private. I'd be happy to go into more detail regarding the question if anyone wants to email me.



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        It's normal for your body to react differently to some questions on the test. Since the polygraph works by measuring the certain changes in your body, it's natural that the examiner will pick up on this. Usually, the examiner asks you about certain questions to see if you will admit to lying on the test. If you admit to lying, you'll be DQ'd. Otherwise, if you answer the question the same as on the test and don't give the examiner any indication that you're lying, it should be fine.


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          New guy here. I've been wondering about the poly test. And I'm not sure i understand. Which test are you refering to? Do they ask you certain questions and then ask you questions about the questions they asked you? (I just confused myself) I guess i should be asking what type of questions do they ask?


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            Thanks George Maschke, very interesting. Skimmed through it for now, but seems very tricking.


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