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Discharge- "General Under Honorable Conditions"


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  • Discharge- "General Under Honorable Conditions"

    Hello All-

    I am seriously looking into starting a career in law enforcement but am concerned about my chances of getting hired. I was hoping for a little honest advice.

    Here is my basic bio-

    - 34 years old
    - Married, 2 kids
    - Bachelors degree in anthropology
    - Run my own small business for the last 4 years with 25 employees (I am either selling or shutting down the company early next year)
    - No arrests or anything of the like (except 2 traffic violations)
    - No drug use other than a little pot in 9th grade (17 years ago)

    Here is the kicker- I was discharged from the USMC after one year service in 1989 with a General Under Honorable Conditions discharge. The reason I was discharged was that I was discovered to be in a gay affair.

    Now, while I do not consider myself gay, and I am married with two children (and my wife is FULLY aware of the circumstances of my discharge), I am concerned that this discharge will taint my possibility of being hired. The local departments here (there is a SERIOUS demand for police recruits in the Phoenix area) ask that the applicants do not have a DIS-honorable but do you think the reason for the discharge will automatically disqualify me?

    I take full responsibility for and admit that my discharge was the most STUPID thing I have ever allowed to happen in my life but it is not representative of the person I am today or will be in the future...

    What do you think? Is my dream of law enforcement hopeless?


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    Yup, sounds pretty stupid to me as well.
    But here is the take that I have seen from a buddy of mine.
    He got out GuHC and Texas agencies won't touch him with a ten foot pole. He has given up and gone into the EMS side of the house.
    Which is probably the best thing.

    Anyway, probably dosen't help because this is Texas. Good luck.
    "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day that my child may have peace"
    Thomas Paine


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      Okay, I am confused. Feel free to tell me it is none of my busniess, but you were caught in a gay afair, and you are not gay? It should not matter either way when it comes to getting hired. We have openly gay officers in my department. Only 2, but it is not an issue. No one cares.
      In law enforcement, the customer is ALWAYS wrong.

      In God we trust. Everyone else is run through NCIC.

      Sometimes there is justice. Sometimes there is just us.

      I'd rather be tried by 12 then carried by 6.

      The opinions given in my posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, policies, and/or procedures of my employing agency. They are my personal opinions only.


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        Homosexual or not
        it dosen't matter. What the agency is going to look at is your DD214.

        You were in the military. You knew how the military looked upon those things, you gambled and lost.

        You might be able to overcome it but it will take some very hard work.
        You are in Arizona, call the state governing body for police officers - you all have POST, don't you? See what their ruling will be. Every agency within a state goes by the State's rules, if they don't it will catch up to them. So you need to find out what your state says on military discharges. Someone told me Lousiana will allow people to be certifed with GuHC, but I have no solid info on that.

        Do the leg work before hand that way you are prepared to make decisions based upon what you find out.
        "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day that my child may have peace"
        Thomas Paine


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          Here in Maryland MPCTC sets the standards for hiring criteria for all agencies. Agencies may be more stringent than MPCTC but they may not be below MPCTC standards. MPCTC will not certify anyone with any discharge other than honorable.
          In God we trust, all others are run MILES and NCIC.


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            Texas has TCLEOSE -
            Texas Commission Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education


            Same - Same.

            Honorable only.
            "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day that my child may have peace"
            Thomas Paine


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