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Mid-Life Career change??


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  • Mid-Life Career change??

    I'm a small business owner who is returning to school next semester for Police Science. My problem is that I'm going to be 35 years old when I finish schooling. I know that isn't real old, but is any department going to be willing to hire me, when they can hire a 21 year old. I would sure appreciate any tips or info that you could give me.
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    Re: Mid-Life Career change??

    First off, I'm not from Wisconsin so I don't know how LE hiring is done up there.

    Having said that, most states do not have age limits for new officers. IMO, a department would be well off in hiring someone with your life experience instead of a younger person. 35 years old is still relatively young and allows you the possibility of having a long career with the agency if you so desire. That's what is most important to them--hiring an officer who is not going to leave in three to five years. If you were 50, the department might think differently about hiring you.

    Do you already have a degree? If so, then there is no need to go back and get schooling in police science. Having the degree is the important thing, it doesn't matter what the degree is in. If you already have the degree, my advice would be to start applying to departments. If Wisconsin allows you to put yourself through the academy, you could also do that to enhance your chances. Some states will let you do that while others won't. If Kirch reads this, maybe he can offer some advice as to the procedures up in WI.


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