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    I am just after a bit of advice.
    I am a 17 year service police officer with the Metropolitan Police Service UK. I am currently employed within the Special Operations, Anti Terrorist Branch. I am a fully trained (government licensed) Search Officer and in my current post, instruct and train other officers and other interested parties in all search related matters.
    Now to the complicated bit
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    You can't work as a cop anywhere in the USA without at least a perminant visa. There are some states and departments out there that will hire officers who aren't US citizens, however they are in the minority. The departments that do allow non-citizens to become officers usually require resident alien status. Temporary visas won't cut it.

    Depending on the type of job, you could probably get most non-LE government positions with just a work visa. You could also work just about anywhere in the private sector. As to salaries, that just depends on where you are going to be living and what job you're going to be doing. Without knowing that it's impossible to estimate.
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      Patrick is almost spot on with his information... but not quite. There is no federal requirement for a state or local dept to require a law enforcement applicant to have either US permenent residency or citizenship. This is a decision made by the state or the actual agency. I know of a Canadian with a temporary work visa, who was hired as a law enforcement officer by a state agency. In your case, you would have to contact a US agency and have them sponsor you, or qualify for permanent residency in your own right. Either option is long and expensive, but also achieveable. Check your PM's.
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