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The move from NYPD to Florida??!!


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  • The move from NYPD to Florida??!!

    OK guys....

    I would love to get some opinions, especially from LEOs from south Florida or people who have made a similar move from one dept to another.

    I have 7 years with NYPD.

    I am considering moving to a small dept near Miami Beach. The reasons to leave seem to outnumber the reasons to stay.

    I am wondering if anyone has input or opinions into such a move.


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    Re: The move from NYPD to Florida??!!

    Any particular reason why you want to go down to south Florida? The cost of living is much higher down there than the rest of the state, it's more crowded, and it's more dangerous. There are some really good departments in central and west Florida with good pay and benefits in areas with much lower cost of living and congestion.

    I'm planning on making the move down there next year to go to work for a large municipal agency in west-central Florida. IMO, the Gulf coast is a much nicer place to be. The areas around Sarasota, Ft. Myers, and Naples are great. Tampa Bay is a nice place too, although it's going to be a quite a bit rougher than those other places. The differences in housing costs is just amazing when you compare most other parts of the state to south Florida. Also, Broward and Palm Beach counties have really high property tax rates.

    Just something to think about.


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      Hey i was just wondering why you want to leave NYPD. I'm not a LEO yet, only 18, but i want to try and get on in NY. I though the NYPD would be a great place to start a career. Especially since they have all diffrent types of units. I also read recently that theres lots of offcers leaving the NYPD for other departments, why is that ?



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        Oh yeah, it seems to be a good place to start, not such a good place to stay.
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          hey guys........

          I am a former Police Officer from Pennsylvania. I am 26 yoa and served as a LEO for little over a year. I recently moved here to Florida about 8 months ago and am now employed with a small Police Department just west of Orlando. However i am reserve at the moment. I am near the end of the application process for Kissimmee PD and from what i hear this is a REALLY NICE department to serve with.

          When you transfer from one state to another you need to first fill out a FDLE Form 76 requesting that your academy training be evaluated to see if you qualify for the EOT. Once you get a reply stating that you do qualify you then need to sign up for the EOT with a Police Academy. I took mine at the Daytona Community College Police Academy. I was a little bit difficult finding somewhere close to the area I was going to be residing that offered the EOT. So you better check that out............

          After I completed the EOT I then took the Florida Law Enforcement Exam. I STRONGLY advise that you read the curriculum the academy gives you and study it... STUDY STUDY STUDY. This is a large curriculum with like 1200 pages. Having *some* LE exp. i was able to scan through most of it except for Florida Laws and procedures. This exam is hard, but not difficult. It is a 350 question exam.

          After I took and passed the exam i was then eligible for hire. Of course some depts hire you while your in the academy or even send you to the academy. Once you are hired you are not really certified but you can perform LE duties, FDLE will look through your file at the Police Department and ensure all the proper paperwork is done and the they will give you your certification. Kinda strange I know, but thats the way it works here.

          Here is the link about Out-of-state officers, this would have been simpler to just post a link but i felt like typing and boring you all to death... http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/cjst/Rul...uivalency.html

          -J. Brad Davis


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