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  • Oral Board Interview

    I was wondering if anyone can give me advice on the Oral Board Interview. I have already been invited to one, I was told I would reeive my 2nd letter this week and then hopefully I passed my Written for the 3rd dept. and I get invited as well

    I tried doing a search but didn't come up with much success.

    Can those who have knowledge in this area help out with some any advice that you can? I have a test prep book that had some basic questions to prepare for: Why do you want to be a cop? Are you afraid of heights, death, etc? Questions like that but wondering if there was any other advice anyone can offer.

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    I know you are in CT, but alot of the oral board prep stuff is the same. check out the website for the Las Vegas Metro PD. They have good info on the oral board. The biggest things are to be professional, be honest but not to open. Don't hide anything, but don't volunteer additional info either. When they ask if there is anything else that you think they should know, say something along the lines of you are looking forward to becoming a member of the team and thank them for their time. Nothing more!!! Good Luck


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