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  • U.S. Supreme Court - Deputy Marshal

    Happy holidays to all, I hope that this posting finds you enjoying a relaxing evening.

    A quick question to the group - there is currently a posting for a "Deputy Marshal" at the Supreme Court in Washington, DC on usajobs.gov, does anyone have any information? What is the relationship of the Marshal and Deputy Marshal to the SCOTUS Police Department? What type of job is this? In reading the job announcement, it appears as though this individual makes policy decisions that are implemented operationally by the individual SCOTUS Officers.

    Thanks in advance for any information that anyone might be able to provide.

    Stay Safe,

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    Its a GS15 gig..... that is a policy position in regards to running the LEOs there....

    One has to have a TON of experience in LE and Courtroom security to be in the running for it.......

    There's nothing in there about Lautenburg.....so it doesn't een appear to be a LEO/Armed gig.....


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      There are 3 US Marshals in DC. One in District Court, one in Superior Court and one in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Marshal oversees the Supreme Court PD and all the court hearings. Its a position not many know about and there isn't a traditional staff like other districts. Like Bearcat says, this spot is a administration role for the Supreme Court Police policy and court decorum etc. It's a GG spot, not GS which you don't see too often. This must allow them to hire outside of the traditional structure.

      My guess is the Supreme Court funds and selects this spot, not USMS HQ.


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        All, thank you very much for your feedback regarding this position, your response is truly appreciated.

        Such a shame that it isn't a 6c position, that lowers the appeal quite a bit.

        Found this on wikipedia (pardon the source):
        "To carry out these duties, 40 U.S.C. § 6121 authorizes the Marshal to police the Supreme Court building and protect the Justices, employees of the Court, and visitors to the Court. The Marshal also has authority to make arrests in carrying out these duties."
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          Disregard. Erased post after seeing responses from others.
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