Hello. I am a recent graduate seeking a career in Probation and Parole. I was recently married and moved to Oklahoma with my husband in April. While in Oklahoma, I applied and was invited to test for the position of Juvenile Specialist Level II. This was a position with the state and required merit testing. I scored pretty well with a 93%. I have since moved back to Delaware, (due to problems in the marriage) and I am seeking the position of Probation and Parole Officer I. I have applied and have been invited to test for the position (merit system).

Although I did well on the merit test for Juvenile Specialist in Oklahoma, I am worried that my lack of experience in the field of law enforcement may be against me.

I have earned 52 college credits in Criminal Justice; was recently awarded a Diploma in Detention and Security and I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science Degree program in Criminal Justice Administration with the University of Phoenix.

I do have some experience as a volunteer fire fighter as part of the rescue team, as well as experience as a nursing assistant; although that was over 10 years ago.

I am looking for advice and insight in preparing for testing and interviews for the position of Probation and Parole Officer I.

Thank you!