Hi guys and gals,

I just wanted to post a quick piece of advice about National Testing Network. I recently took a test offered through them and received a 92.21%. I know at first glance this sounds pretty good, but if I were you I would seriously consider investing the extra 30 dollars or so in the video study guide.

The English portion which includes writing a report and basic grammar skills is super easy, like ridiculously easy... I think a third grader could pass it. The video is a neat concept, but I think it's flawed, I did very poorly on it. I'm not trying to vent, but I'd much rather have a conventional test offered through the PD. There were many people who shouldn't have made it this far in the recruitment. I'm not saying they were terrible, but they wouldn't have scored as high on a traditional test.

Apart from that study intensely for your oral boards.

In closing I received a 94 on my interview and that brought my final score to 93% overall, that placed me in the 40s.

Again prepare for the video scenarios or else you'll be wasting 45 bucks!

Thanks all!